Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Living Consciously – Rising Above Duality

“When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.” – Jimmie Hendrix

We’ve analyzed our lives and separated the good from the bad, fighting the bad at every turn for countless lifetimes, and where has it gotten us? Personally, I remember a past life in which I fought in the Bolshevik Revolution. History records that the government we helped install quickly folded, and the experimental socialistic government that replaced it was also doomed to a slow death.

I was told in channeling that the Dowager Empress Marie (Anastasia’s grandmother), was working behind the scenes to make the same changes that all of us revolutionaries wanted. I also discovered that this woman who I thought was the enemy was a close member of my soul family who, incidentally, reincarnated as my daughter in this lifetime. Yet, I helped cause her demise because I thought I knew what was right and what wasn’t at the time. Oopse.

That’s just one example of when commitment to fight turned out to be more of a fight against a cycle and circumstance than it was a fight against any real evil. Now, I firmly believe that when we decide to battle evil, we set ourselves up for losing the war. The illusion of evil is probably one of the biggest tests in this dualistic world!

After fighting wars since before recorded history, maybe now we’re beginning to become open to a better way. Maybe someday soon, we’ll open our minds enough to look for what’s good instead of giving in to the instinct to fight what appears not to be.

It’s easy to let disappointment in ourselves and others can capture our attention. It’s instinct to draw a line in the sand between good and bad and then fight the endless evil our entire lives – lifetime after lifetime. However, if we give into that focus, we’ll never create the loving space we all want. Many are discovering that now, and the world is about to experience an amazing transformation as we approach 2012 and many of us turn in our traditional weapons for the soft and subtle ways of peace and harmony.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Living Consciously – In spite of distractions like “Swine Flu”

Yesterday, I mentioned that the first step to living more consciously is to trust the power of our intention – regardless of how things seem to be going. Today we have a good example of those distractions. The new hybrid flu they’re calling “swine flu” has got everyone distracted for now.
Still, deception loses its power when it’s exposed, as this article does with this new GM disease. Also, the power of living consciously is no better demonstrated than in the neutralizing of these manmade threats. Remember how the last two pandemic threats mysteriously disappeared from the news? Watch it happen again.

Here’s a little story about how conscious living can take hold and make a big difference: A while back I sent in my water purifier to get serviced, and it never returned. The place I sent it had gone out of business. I couldn’t afford a new one, so I had to deal with the water myself.
I started blessing our drinking water, sending it all the love I could. This led to blessing the kids’ juice and food in the mornings. That blessing led to sending a little personal prayer for each of them into their food and lives and out into the universe.

Each time I did this, I felt love come alive in me. I wake up slowly and maybe a little grumpy just like everyone else, but this simple act of blessing the food and water gave my consciousness a jump-start in the morning. Since that started, I’ve recognized the need to bring that level of consciousness into every aspect of my life all day long. It’s a formidable goal, but step by step, I’m sure it’s also an achievable goal.

Today, I’m praying for a quick resolution to the new hybrid flu. Although they call it “Swine Flu” it’s really a combination of Bird Flu (again) and swine flu. There's only one way a bird disease and a swine disease can combine, and it take intervention by man.

We neutralized their last attempts to release a GM flu, and we’ll do it again. Actually, we’re getting better at putting down their attempts to create chaos and fear all the time. I’d think it’d be downright embarrassing to be on the wrong side these days. Still, they keep trying….

Watch hell break loose if you have to but pray for peace. Trust the power of your focus and stay focused on living consciouly in a harmonious and peaceful world.

Blessings and hugs!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Living Consciously and Achieving Quality

Learning to live more consciously is really a matter of simply giving in to our natural inclination to evolve. Yesterday, I mentioned that the first step is to trust the power of our intents – regardless of how things seem to be going. Learning an appreciation for streamlined goals and imbuing our intent with love is the next step to building quality into a life.

We all tend to get in a hurry and sacrifice our higher inclinations in favor of achieving goals. Generally, everyone recognizes achievement of goals as our primary responsibility in leading a purposeful life. There are books and lecturers who teach people how to multi-task in hopes of overcoming the fear of not achieving enough.
It’s a well known fact that fear weakens us. However, not so well-known is the fact that multi-tasking has been proven to make us dumber. Giving less attention to each thing we do in an effort to get more done is an exercise in devolution. On the other hand, learning to give our total attention to a few simple things is the way we power up our intents, improve ourselves, and build quality into our otherwise scattered and conflicted lives.

A while back I sent in my water purifier to get serviced, and it never returned. The place I sent it had gone out of business. I couldn’t afford a new one, so I had to deal with the water myself.
I started blessing our drinking water, sending it all the love I could. This led to blessing the kids’ juice and food in the mornings. That blessing led to sending a regular little personal prayer for each of them into the food and out into the universe.

Each time I did this, I felt love come alive in me too. I’d wake up slowly and maybe a little grumpy just like everyone else, but this simple act of blessing the food and water gave my consciousness a jump-start in the morning. Since that started, I’ve recognized the need to bring that level of consciousness into every aspect of my life all day long. It’s a formidable goal, but step by step, I’m sure it’s also an achievable goal.

It helps me to back up and remember what we’re doing here. We ventured away from our original home, had adventures and learned a lot. However, now it’s time to reconnect with the nurturing presence and the lines of love that have always surrounded us.
It’s time to turn our goals over to this loving presence and learn to do everything a little more consciously We do this by trying to be more aware of the people around us, the nurturing nature of life around us, and our own intuitive connection to the people and nature around us.
Our family members, friends, ancestors, and spiritual guides all throw us life lines of love constantly. We’re often too distracted with the messy business of living to notice. Still these life preservers float in the ocean of chaos around us just waiting for us to grab a hold of them. Sure, we may still be all wet and floundering, but the trick to triggering the power of conscious living is to translate injury and pain into the perception of opportunity.
Many will resent that whole notion. We all want to be winners! Just to admit vulnerabilities, pain or injury is like admitting failure. Yet failure softens us up so Spirit can use us. Some will say there is no failure, and if you can believe that there’s no problem. However, for the rest of us who firmly believe we’ve occasionally screwed up, there’s comfort in knowing that fake-outs and failure are an important part of the way life helps us reconnect with our source.

In my book, Looking, Seeing & Knowing, I say that “Love and harmony is the nutritious growth goo in the Petri dish of life.”
After learning to send love into the food and water and lives of my loved ones, I experimented with sending it into all the people and aspects in my life. As you can imagine, sending love to the painful aspects and problem people in my life felt pretty strange at first. It felt wrong! Yet loving what’s good and hating what’s bad is not operating from our highest consciousness. It locks us into the attitude that’s made the world the place it is today. Building quality into our lives and world demands another approach -- regardless of how odd it feels at first.

Tomorrow’s Blog: Rising above Duality

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Overcoming Fear by Living More Consciously

Growing up is scary, and sometimes the older we get the more we find to fear. When I was talking to my daughter yesterday about all of her worries, I said, “Worry is a type of fear, and if you find something constructive to do about it, that not only makes the fear go away but also helps get rid of the source of all the fear.”

If only it were that easy.... One fear that creeps into our conscious as we get older is that whatever little constructive thing we manage to do is never going to have much effect on the humongous source of our fear. It’s true that picking up papers in the park isn’t going to solve the world’s pollution problems. However, it’s also true that we really don’t know now things work in this world. Just about everything I write is about that, but I’m going to keep this real simple: Intention is what matters!

We asked in channeling the other day about some things some very well meaning people were doing to try to straighten out the ecological problems on earth. We went through this same process about the world’s economic problems. In both cases, the result was the same.

The first answer was that their efforts would help. However, when I pushed my “drop in bucket” observation, Billy (the entity my wife channels) had to admit that it’s really the intent that matters MORE than the actions.

This is hard for us 3-D types to accept, but this really is the lesson that will help bring about the new world of peace and prosperity for which we’re all praying. We wouldn’t be really committed to the cause if we didn’t do what we can in our own way to bring about the changes we feel are necessary. However, it’s extremely empowering to realize that even if our best efforts get thwarted, our intent is still working on invisible levels.

It forms an affinity with the reality behind what we all see (God) and helps shift events and reality toward the desired results -- regardless of what’s going on around us! Also, the more we trust this feedback link we have with all of creation, the more we empower it! Trusting it empowers us, and it also actually empowers the intent function itself! The more we trust it, the more we add substance to the new world we all want to see manifest.

I have a lot more to say about living consciously, but I think I’ll make this a two part blog, so you can ponder that first point for a day: Intention is what matters! People feel it. The Earth feels it, and even when we lose physical control over our lives (such as when we lose a job), we don’t automatically lose our intent or our resulting attitude. We may abandon them, but no one can take them away. Hold tight to what matters most!


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Friday, April 24, 2009

Interview followup and Spring Cleaning


My radio interview yesterday on CBS Psychic Radio ( started off amazingly well! Kimmie, who really is amazingly insightful, had read much of our web site and started by telling her audience that “he has the truth!” However, toward the end, they threw me a question I hadn’t anticipated.

Referring to my book, “The BIG Fake-out, the illusion of limits,” she simply asked, “What is THE Big Fake-out?”

So, I immediately shot myself in the foot by launching into a direct answer to that question: “Almost everything we see or perceive is illusion. None of it’s real!” Well, as true as that might be, it’s not a very constructive approach. Oopse. Although Kimmie assured me I did great, I’m afraid I probably lost my interviewers and many of the listeners right there.

I could have taken baby steps toward that answer by saying something like, “The idea that human potential is limited by our circumstances is an example of how life fakes us out.” That would have gotten the abundance crowd on board.

Or I could have discussed the loving, intelligent reality behind all the commotion and illusion in the world. Looking for what real behind all the commotion in the world is really at the root of ALL spiritual pursuits!

I could have waned poetic or even have been obscure. I could have given any number of partial answers or examples to whittle away at the answer. But no! I took the direct approach, lost points, and got another valuable reminder that I’m still human. Oh well.

Misc. Announcements

Our new web site is up now. It’s far from complete, but at least it looks better than the one I threw up a year or so ago. We’ll add to what you see there and then we’ll put up the shopping cart ASAP.

Book Updates: We now have all three books available in eBook form. Also, The Don Q Point of View has been converted to Kindle and Mobipocket format. That book in those formats should be available from Amazon and elsewhere in a week or so. The Don Q Point of View has also been printed. It’s available now from Shift Awareness Books and should be up on Amazon any time now.

My first book, “The Ancient Secret of the BIG Fake-out,” – the only book I’ve actually had printed and available until now, after being awarded 2nd place in the book of the year award by Reader Views in the Body, Mind Spirit category, has been revamped and retitled: The BIG Fake-out, the illusion of limits.” It should be printed and available in a few weeks.

So... we're giving away the first edition, award winning, "Ancient Secret of the BIG Fake-out" with any purchase of the printed book: "The Don Q Point of View."

Now that all the books are just about ready, I’m going to do a test mailing to 100,000 metaphysical online buyers. I thought I might like to offer incentives to buy one of my books. So, if you have a free offer you’d like to present to a ton of potential customers, at no cost to you, please write me at

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Rant of "The Secret"

“Ever since we first took on selfish goals and priorities 5000 years ago in Babylon and built that temple to ego, we’ve been laboring under the illusion that the only essential thing in life is our own desires and will power. This has made the one real thing invisible to us.” I discuss this reality behind all that we perceive in my new book, “Looking, Seeing & Knowing.” And, I have to say, that what I describe as The One Real Thing in life seems to be in direct opposition to what some of the world's most famous motivational gurus have so successfully promoted as “The Secret” to all life.

True, they have been tremendously successful, and so far I haven’t. They’ve amassed an army to saturate the media with their message. I’m just whispering my messsage in what is, so far, an almost unknown little blog: The real secret to life has to do with our harmonious connection to all things.
True, we have a lot of power over the events that come into our lives, and people should generally take more responsibility for their own circumstances. However, because of our connection to all things, our own desire and will power are not the only influences in our lives! That would seem fairly intuitive to most people. However, the world of motivational speakers is selling a different theory.

I was in sales for many years, and I appreciate a good pep talk as much as the next guy. However, the authors of this book go so far with their “secret” principle as to say that those who were tortured and murdered in the WWII concentration camps must have set that condition up for themselves. The writers reach this conclusion because they only recognize one principle as the cause of all reality in the world. The problem is that these motivational gurus picked the wrong one thing in which to put all their faith.
Speaking biblically, you could say that their teachings promote a false god. They preach that without exception, we personally create everything that happens to us. This exclusive philosophy sets up human ego above the one real thing. It leads readers away from compassion for others, and thus away from their own heart, which would otherwise lead them to knowing what's real behind all that we see or perceive. Hearts connect us; egos divide us.

This idea that we personally create everything that happens to us by our own thought forms also drives a wedge into unity consciousness. If the only cause in our life is an internal one, who needs everyone else, except, of course, as targets for our marketing campaigns? According to this all-encompassing principle, if we don’t meet our quota, the ONLY reason could be that we must not have tried hard enough or held onto the right thought forms tightly enough.
This failure leaves no room for looking for other doors to open, or wondering about the universal plan. We simply failed; and failure, of course, is a bad thing, even though that’s how most of us learn best, AND even though learning is the whole point to being on Earth in the first place.
The only solution for this detestable failure is to cut ourselves off from any distracting outside influences even more, and get right back out on the streets and sell, sell, sell! Sales managers love this delusion, but it does the rest of us a tremendous disservice.

So… this egotistical “secret” of success cuts us off from our own heart center; it separates us from acknowledgement of our connection to others and how they influence us; and it furthers the illusion of duality by promoting verifiable goal-oriented “success” as the only good influence in our lives.

Years ago, when I was laid off, and my marriage fell apart, and I couldn’t get a job, and my little bit of life savings all disappeared, my best friends said it must be because of my karma. They said that somehow I must have brought this on myself. Because of their little bit knowledge into how karma and life worked, they had absolutely no compassion for my situation.
That was right before I picked up and moved to the far corner of Montana and resolved to be done with this world as soon as possible. Things got better after my life contract expired, and I started all over (The story of how and why I discovered that my prelife contract had actually run out even tho I still lived and breathed on Earth is also told in Looking, Seeing & Knowing.) Still, as I looked around and saw that I wasn't alone in having my life fall apart, I had to wonder what’s going on.

The simple answer is that our higher selves are finding a way for many, if not most, of us to face our worst fears in order to help us move past them before this historical human cycle ends in a few years. The egotistical illusion that we alone created our present circumstances through our utter failure just adds insult to injury. It totally negates the influence of our connection with an intelligent universe or anyone around us. Personal ego, perspective and preferences are important, but they are by no means The One Real Thing!

I’m not sure what a happy ending to all my predicaments would look like anymore. I’m sure I’ll be fine. In fact, I constantly work on happy expectations for the outcome of my situations. However, I don’t know what that outcome will be yet because I don’t know exactly what Spirit has in mind for me.
There’s always more going on than we can possibly know. Things may result in realizing the opposite of my goals (which I work on for about 15 hours every day). That’s obviously not my first choice. Yet THE Secret is that it doesn’t matter!

Our willingness to do the work of the One Thing, with all the love and creative hope in the universe, instead of trying to wield the power of the gods over it for our own petty preferences, is where the real magic for our future lies. The benevolent universe won’t deny us what we need, but THE Secret is learning to work with It, rather trying to control It. Measuring ourselves by how well we attain our personal goals is ONLY the secret to entirely missing the whole point of life.

Friday, April 17, 2009

an announcement and a thought about $$

First of all the announcement: I’ll be interviewed on CBS Psychic Radio on InnerViews with Kimmie and Steve, Thursday morning at 10 AM EST. I believe you can listen live or later by going to their site:

According to Kimmy, the interview “will be about removing the veil of fear and embracing the peace. We would like them to understand that all of this "hype" of being fearful during this end of the world 2012 stuff is something not to fear. It isn't about putting a time date on things either...its about embracing THE TRUTH and becoming more conscious.”

Since being more conscious (Aware) of the Shift is what is all about, I’ll be discussing exactly what I think is happening with the Earth and humanity in detail.

Yet, as I put together notes, I realize that conspicuously missing from my planned discussion on what’s happening is any info on the economy. So, I thought I’d cover that right now.

A couple months ago, Billy said in channeling that we’d have a plateau before the big economic crash. Since then, the market has drifted up a bit. However, I suspect we’re hanging off the edge of that plateau right now, and as early as next week, (maybe by interview day) we could have the beginning of a major downdraft. But my point isn’t about timing; it’s about attitude and belief in the new paradigm.

Not that it matters much at this point, but a little known fact is that my Bachelors of Science degree was in Business. It’s all a little hazy now, but there are a couple economic principles I’d like to call your attention to at this point just so you can have more than obscure, ethereal “abundance” jargon and hopes to hang onto -- as we face fears of falling off the cliff into the economic abyss.

On one hand, you have the “Law of Scarcity.” This law states that there’s only so much of what everyone wants. This fact gives those things value and is the primary principle on which our current economic system is based. With this principal in mind, people hoard and scheme to get at least their share of these scarce resources.

Sometimes spiritual gurus try to override this principle by shifting our attention to higher principles, which we all want to believe. Still, we have to face reality everyday. So faith in the illusive and unseen disappears to the point where we have to give up our scarce resources for another inspirational talk.

Let’s forget all the spiritual abundance principles for a minute and bring economics down to earth. Even in our economic world, where they can print all the money they want, it’s still a scarce resource for most of us. The law of scarcity is real! But in all the fear about that fact, another just as real economic principle has been totally overlooked.

When you get into the nuts and bolts of any economy, you also find something called “the money multiplier effect.” When someone spends a dollar, all of a sudden there are two people who have use of that same dollar on the day of the sale. If everyone who gets the dollar spends it quickly, all of a sudden we have a lot of money in circulation. It’s a real life, down to earth, miracle!! One dollar can turn into many, and many people can become suddenly richer and happier!

Yet, in today’s world, if there were 100 people, two would be hording 98% of the wealth, another 10 or so would be sitting pretty, and about 10 more would be on the edge, afraid of falling into the bottom 78%, where the law of scarcity gets really scary. Anyway, no matter how much money is printed, it's all held tightly in a few hands because of either desires for personal power or fear – and for at least 90% of the people, it’s fear.

All the riots and revolutions in the world won’t fix this situation. You can wrench the money out of the hands of the few, but you just can’t get rid of greed and fear with out changing the consciousness of the people.

The good news is that consciousness is changing! It’s rising every day, and everyone is feeling it to some degree. Still, our human consciousness needs to see the old economic system crash before we’ll really believe that a new one has taken effect. So, that’s what’s happening now, and when it’s over, a new one will rise like the Phoenix from the ashes.

Of course, that’s not everyone’s plan. In this dualistic world, we have to have opposing views, so we can physcially see when our leap in consciousness overcomes our old, flawed perspective. So, of course, we have people who epotimize that flawed perspective fighting for it with all they’ve got.

The power people at the top are planning to recreate a new worldwide system, so they can hold tighter onto their control than they do already. However, everyone’s vibrations are rising. So, these guys are losing people out of their ranks everyday!

I heard a talk recently where David Icke described the world’s population as a ball being held down at the bottom of a pool. Sooner or later, that ball is going to come to the surface. When it does, and people let go of their fear, and such a tight grip on their $$, the money multiplier effect will start kicking in, and suddenly all the dreams of unlimited abundance will be realized.

It’s not really mystical at all. It’s an established proven economic principal. Still, with that ball at the bottom of the pool in mind, I guess we could call what's going to happen "ascension." Be at peace. Despite appearances, all is well!

Blessings and hugs,


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