Monday, May 18, 2009

Awareness of a Better Way and a New Day

Normally the best mannered people in the world, the British, were rioting a while back because of surveillance infringements on their personal lives. Today, their fighting mad about of some MPs who padded their expense accounts.

The Queen is reportedly “deeply troubled” over this too. Still, I have to wonder if she’s more concerned about the corruption or the fact that it’s becoming discovered by the public.

It seems to me that what’s happening all over the world is that the more people become aware of government corruption, the more government officials try to get their share of the ill-gotten gains before the party’s over. The smart thing might be to lie low for a while, but their instinct of is to get what they can while they can. So the tensions build, and the established foundations of societies all over the world are undermined – by their own greed and avarice, so that when they tumble and crumble, no one will mourn their loss.

Yet, this is just one reason for the current chaos around the world. The other problem speaks more directly to the issue of people not realizing we’re all one. For instance, the Hindus and Buddhists that coexisted happily thousands of years ago in Sri Lanka have been butchering each other so badly lately that the government can’t even maintain their positive spins anymore. So, they kicked out all foreign media.

The process I see going on in the world today is that we’re all being disinfranchised of our old roles in order to become more receptive to new ones as we approach 2012 and the promised new world. People are being laid off their jobs and are left wondering who they are and what they’re supposed to do now. Every position of power is being threatened and people are fightning to secure their place in the scheme of things.

This scheming and fighting causes tensions to escalate even more. Even while most seem to be expecting a solid recovery any time now, the old order continues to collapse. It’s being undermined by awareness of a better way and the dawning of a new day.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Since I still only have a handful of readers on this blog, this might be a good time to divulge some secrets that have been weighing heavily on me. Like most of my blogs, I’m not sending this to my list or posting it anywhere else. Those who need to see it will just have to find it.

The first secret is that many of those destructive predictions that were made decades ago are still in the works. I’ve asked Billy in channeling repeatedly about this, and the answer is always the same. In particular, there will be a series of coastal events coming, along the lines that Gordon-Michael Scallion and Lori Toye and others predicted so long ago.

There was also a lot of talk (and disinformation) for a few years (about a decade ago) about Planet X flying by and shaking things up. Billy has also confirmed that this is still in the works. Actually, I go on record in my last book, Looking, Seeing, and Knowing, as predicting it should probably be making its flyby around February 2014 after something else major (maybe a pole shift) happens about six months earlier.

Another secret is that I have a daughter who has a direct connection with someone who’s not of this world. He’s not a guide, so his answers aren’t always cushioned or careful. Anyway, we were driving yesterday, and I started discussing the future with her when she went silent. After a few minutes she said that the coastal inundations will probably happen in a few years.

Schedules can change. Magnitudes of destruction can change, and everything can change for an individual, depending on how well you’re tuned into your guidance and how well you come into harmony with life and the Earth. However, Billy has confirmed over and over that all these major earth changes are still in our near future, and part of the 2012 transformation (which happens on the inner planes before manifesting in our world. Hence, many of the events will take place after 2012).

There are those who warn that the end is near. Actually, Paul started that over 2000 years ago, so that message has lost some of its impact – luckily. However, Billy never brings up the impending danger unless I ask, and I know of a popular spirit guide who has outright denied that these things are in our future. He must see and know just like Billy, but his audience, like most of the population, is largely trapped by fear. Also, knowledge of paradigm shifting destruction is almost impossible to deal with constructively.

Although I get visions of the new world after the destruction more clearly every day, the transition views are always hazy. I know what’s coming, and still I plan my future and live every day as if things will keep going as they have forever. My kids and I also talk about their lives as if all of today’s institutions will be unchanged when they’re ready for college and the workplace.

This feels really strange, but it’s all we can do. It’s what we’re supposed to do! Our expectations are building the new world even as the old one crumbles around us.

Besides getting all this off my chest, I am writing for another purpose. I wrote about Intention and Expectation in my blog yesterday. I wrote about living consciously and harmoniously…. A lot of people are doing the same. I only bring this up because although we need to keep living our lives as if nothing unusual is going to happen in the next few years, the fact is that things are in the process of changing drastically. If ever there was a time to shift your awareness to the spiritual side of life, this would be it!

Hunt Henion

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Intent & Expectations

I’ve been contemplating my April 27th blog, and have come up with some interesting conclusions: First of all, I don’t believe that our efforts generally work for the reasons we think. And without diminishing our personal power over our lives and the world, it’s really a drop in the bucket compared to the will of The One of we’re all a part. It’s also miniscule compared to the angels and ET’s who help us manifest our intentions.

With that perspective, let’s talk about the power of our intents and expectations. Dean Radin’s book, Entangled Minds: Extrasensory Experiences in a Quantum Reality discusses how the future changes slightly each time we looked at it but more importantly, each time our expectations change. It seems that when a certain outcome is desired, the future drifts a little toward fulfilling that desire -- or denying that desire if fear of not getting it is the overpowering force.

I discuss how everyone’s expectations are polarizing right now and how that is going to manifest two completely separate realities (so everyone is happy) in my newest book, Looking, Seeing and Knowing. What I describe may sound far-fetched, but it is the logical outcome to what people claim is the power of prayer, meditation, affirmations, mindset/positive expectations, or magic – which isn’t nearly as dead as most tend to believe. But what do you think?

Let’s chat! Kimmie Rose Zaph of CBS Psychic Radio has started a forum to discuss my writing and ideas. You can join the discussion or start a new discussion by going here.

You can comment on this blog AND go to Kimmie’s site to discuss whatever you want!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Nature of Human Nature

I told a story in yesterday’s blog of a past life in which I killed a man who had wronged me. Justice and injustice came swiftly in those days before a formal legal system developed. Times were simpler and people were generally much more aware of the potentially high cost of cheating or stealing. Since they constantly lived with the awareness that serious bodily injury or worse could result if they didn’t follow the golden rule, people were generally more considerate – or they led carelessly short lives.

Today, humanity is struggling through an awkward growing phase where we don’t have law and order even though we have laws. Roughly 7% of the US population is serving time behind bars at any one time, but criminals are protected from the retribution of their victims. That’s civilization as we know it, and sometimes, usually when I’m really mad, I wish there was a better way.

However, being really mad is what traps us into a scenario with only two choices: Either we follow the rules and try to act like civilized humans, or we take the law into our own hands. Still, the days when you could do that without fear of third party retribution are over. Now, there’s no other choice but to evolve.

Learning to evolve beyond the control of our tempers is the test that’s growing more imperative every day as tempers rise in every civilized society around the world. When I left my isolated little dome in the woods to travel to Seattle a couple weeks ago, I literally couldn’t even think because of all the tension in the air.

Along with increased tension comes an increase in civil unrest. Personally, I expect the isolated riots we’re seeing in this country and around the world to spread this summer as injustices reach the boiling point and people everywhere face their age-old demons of ego and anger, which most people have come to accept as just part of our human nature.

We've seen human nature remain fairly constant for all of recorded history. However, what isn’t seen is how far it’s drifted away from our divine, natural path. Ever since we made that tower to human ego 5000 years ago in Babylon, people have acted more and more selfishly.

However, as we approach the end of an era with 2012 just around the corner, it’s now clear that our experiment with furthering our self interest with anger and every tool at our disposal at the expense of others hasn’t yielded the desired results. Every major social and economic system in place is falling apart. If it doesn’t look that way to you now, just wait until the end of summer.

Maybe our 5000+ year experiment with selfishness was a good and needed experience. Still, the virtues of the alternative will become obvious before too long – because the old economic and social systems that were built by ego are toppling under their own weight! Soon the rubble of this failed experiment will be scattered about for all to see.

In the meantime, many are rediscovering their true, loving nature. Before long, I’ll bet we’ll be looking back at this time, and our experience with what we now think of as our baseline “human nature,” and realize it was all just the learning process of an awkward adolescence.

Monday, May 11, 2009

The Source of Karma

I sold my business many years ago to a man who kept my wife on as an employee until he squeezed every possible concession out me. Then, he fired my wife. It was a horrible experience, which I contemplated until discovered a past life with him. He was just as devious and unscrupulous hundreds of years ago. However back then, people handled their own affairs rather than relying on attorneys.

In that previous life, I killed him, took his possessions, and no one blamed me. Still, as I the pondered how this present life must be payback for that past one, a message came to me: “The problem isn’t that you killed him in the past. It’s that you want to do it again now.”

I didn’t think that was a problem as long as I restrained myself. However, that’s when I learned that karma doesn’t work that way. It’s the attitudes we carry with us that determine our future, not our past actions. Actions build attitudes, but our whole linear dualistic thinking about the justification of punishments for crimes is childishly innocent in the real world.

Actions are just motion in a dream world. Thoughts and attitudes, which most people think of as existing only in their own private world, aren’t private at all. They touch others and change our world in ways we can’t imagine. So, the invisible is what really matters, and the visible, which is what most people think matters most, is mostly just dead images, smoke and mirrors.

We all work with exterior circumstances and people, and we tend to think our exterior goals are the only ones. Still, successes pale and failures disappear when we realize that all we see in this world are just tools, and that we are all but actors trying out various roles and attitudes -- until we find one that really works.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Trust & Terror

“If you can’t trust the governments of the world, who can you trust?” – Young Einstein

I just came across a survey conducted and published by Parade (March 22, 2009). Parade is that weekly insert that goes into probably every major newspaper across the country. They asked, “Does America’s Terror-Alert System make you feel safer?”

To this question, Parade reports that a whopping 79% said “NO!” Furthermore, they report that the consensus of opinion is summed up in this quote: “This alert system is just a scare tactic set up by the government to make people afraid and easily manipulated.”
Again: That quote isn’t from some-off-the-wall, lone and loony conspiracy theorist, but by the nationally recognized Parade magazine!

I’m impressed! People have not only lost their faith in government, but have somehow acquired contempt for the people running it. That seems like progress to me!!

The ancient Mayans prophesized that this current cycle would be a time in which communication would be greatly improved and perception would be greatly enhanced. As a result, secret agendas would cease to be secret. Sure looks like it’s panning out that way.