Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Renewal of 2012, part III ~ The Miracle of a Better life for Everyone.

As I mentioned in the previous blog, everyone’s vibrations are rising to match those of the earth right now. People are becoming more aware, understanding more, and we’re all feeling more empathy for each other. However, as I explained, many still struggle with the basic decision to “let go and let God…” or to try to desperately maintain control over their individual (separate) lives.

It’s human nature to externalize this conflict. Still, despite all the acting out, everyone’s DNA is improving, and along with their rising vibrations, the formula for a renewal of everyone’s life (along the lines of their choosing) is in the works. Some will choose to ascend, and some will choose to stay in the familiar 3D world, which should have some much improved foundations in place by the time of the ascension.

Still, the dilemma is how is it possible to maintain a 3D life on the earth we’ve come to know when that Earth is ascending out of the third dimension? To explain that, I’m going to quote from a chapter in Looking, Seeing & Knowing, titled: The Triumph of Free Will:

"First of all, it’s important to understand that we don’t have to ever entirely understand everything. Understanding (according to Hunt) is only useful when it makes us more comfortable with knowing ourselves and our place in the world. THE important thing to remember is that we’re working with an infinitely creative Universe, which WILL eventually give everyone what they need…

"Here we are, sitting on an Earth, which has used her Free Will to opt up and out of the 3D experience. To this end, many of us, and beings from other worlds, are cooperating with her. Our energy and optimism helps reinforce the new grid, and the intent of our practical steps helps ease Mother Earth and humanity through this change. The sun, which is like the mother of our Mother Earth, is also working with her.

"The whole universe is cooperating, and as a result, this new energy and awareness is shaking up social, political and economic institutions. Enlightenment is sprouting under their foundations. …The Earth is going through a cleansing; human institutions are going through a cleansing, and people are discovering their priorities in the process.

Earth changes help displace or confirm our old mindsets in a number of ways. Watching what our leaders do or don’t do when faced with human tragedy shows their real priorities. Similarly, all of us will be faced with choices, which force us to rely on our old limited mindsets or open ourselves up to new trust-based ones.

"Many will also grow in unity consciousness as they take more responsibility for their community when public services fail us. Others will hold up and horde, keeping neighbors at bay at gunpoint. Many will open up to new, more humanitarian priorities, while others hang onto the old familiar ones.

"The really interesting part about the developing solution is how Nature is preparing to bring about a better world for ALL humans while our population is rapidly diverging into two camps. We have souls with a vested interest in their 3 D contracts,who will for one reason or another, want to keep operating in the 3 D world they’ve come to know. Then we have all those who wish to evolve with Mother Earth to a place that’s totally incompatible with duality and other 3 D realities.

"Both groups of spiritual beings have the divine use of Free Will. The universe can’t hold one back or push the other ahead. Free Will dictates that all humans can pick their own perspective.

"After two near death experiences, Mother Earth is evolving out of here. …Many of us will be evolving with her. That seems simple enough. However, what about the souls who don’t want to move on? I’ve read that they will move to sister planet.

"Yet, when I asked Othello of the Ashtar Command about this, he said, “There is no other dualistic world that has Free Will. You’re unique! That was the great experiment.”

"…if people can't move to a similar/sister planet and they can't stay here (because the earth is ascending), I didn't see any possible answer. However, Othello told me the solution, and it’s been confirmed in channeling by two other trusted entities now on many occasions. He said, “Your Earth will split.”

"When I asked all three entities about this, they said the same exact words. All three explained what I explained above about divergent views, our evolution and the changes here on Earth. However, they were silent about what exactly an “earth split” meant. Over time, I figured it out, and they confirmed my thoughts as they always do with concepts that are new to me before I go public with any of it.

"Evidently, although what’s about to happen has never happened before in the infinity of time and space, it is occurring using natural laws, which have always been in place. It’s never happened before because there was never a dualistic world with Free Will before, let alone one that was evolving out of the 3-D reality.

"However, now that we’re to this point, the natural laws of love and manifestation are simply called into action. They’ll be applied as never before. Still, it’s all part of the spiritual system and natural reality we’re all just beginning to understand.

"…People who cling to their old 3 D way of looking at things strongly enough will resist the pull of ascension with the Earth. Their expectations that one day will be just like the previous one will actually manifest that reality. Their wishes and expectations (powered by divine Free Will) will actually create a world that will look just like the earth they’ve always known.

"Many souls, will want to finish their contracts on the 3D Earth – an Earth that’s scheduled to depart from the 3D realm of reality. Yet Free Will is a divine, creative force, which has only been given to one 3D race (us) though-out the eternity of time.

"…(Many people's) expectations will trigger this divine, creative Free Will power into manifesting a miracle, which will prove their expectations true. Thus, the story of the 3D Earth will continue as it always has -- with lots of power and lots of misconceptions.

"Just like the evolved Earth is already created but not solid enough to move into yet, the new 3D world is also already a reality on a subtler plane. After the Earth ascends, those left behind will be able to stand their ground and say, “See, nothing is changing….” As they look out at the world they just manifested to validate their own illusion, they’ll feel confident in their resolve that the world is still the same!

"Actually, it won’t quite be the same under the surface of things. The new earth will have the vitality of youth, the happy resolve that comes with youth, and no desire to be anywhere but in the third dimension. Also, at the time of the split, everyone on both planets will have much better use of improved DNA, which makes them more capable to leading better and longer lives.

"…Our Mother Earth is an intelligent being who is going to take care of things before she ascends. … leadership will emerge quickly as many genuinely concerned people, who are being positioned right now, follow their hearts and move into action. Many of the new leaders on the 3-D world will be people who are of a like mind with the 3-D humans. Others will set systems up and train people so things will proceed better after they move on with the evolving Earth. Still other leaders, who could go, will choose to remain behind to help.

"Besides these two destinations, many on the Earth will go other places when they die just as they’ve always done. There are countless worlds that are appropriate for taking the next step for many individuals. …When people die who are in this world now, things will be settled just as they’ve always been.

"They’ll go to the places they need and deserve, just as they always have before. However, when the shift happens, those living on the Earth will go to one of two places. They will either evolve with the Earth, or they will continue as usual on an earth that looks and acts the same as the one they’ve always known. These people will have been so sure that they were right about the nature of reality that they will actually create that reality as proof. They will create a new world, which they will mistakenly call “Earth.”

"So, the story of unlimited, “Free Will” power in the hands of people who either don’t understand it or refuse to believe in it will continue. Their denial of human potential, which is beyond what they can comprehend, will create by far the greatest miracle any dualistic race has ever accomplished since the dawn of time!

"It will launch phase two of Genesis, unbeknownst to those involved but marveled at by everyone else. The illusion of captivity will be renewed and divine Free Will in a dualistic world will have a new beginning.

"Beyond that new beginning, NO ONE knows what’s going to happen. That’s the nature of Free Will. All we can do is watch and see. We might have a better idea though somewhere around the “end of time.”

"Stay tuned. Film at 11:11 -- on 12/21/12. Then, by 2014 (the end of the seven year transition), we all need to be ready to hang on for the ride of our lives!"

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Blessings to All - during this difficult transition and forever!


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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Renewal of 2012, part II – The Reunification Project

Today, we’re involved in shifting our awareness toward our reunification with others. However, that wasn’t always the goal. Back when the understanding of our interconnectedness was second nature, the people of Lemuria constructed a great wall across their continent to help them separate and explore their male and female tendencies. This physical wall helped them manifest their intention to put a barrier between their left and right hemispheres of their brains so they could experience working with those two distinctly separate approaches to life.

They also set up separate villages in these two sections of their country in an effort to further fragment, and therefore understand further specialized human orientations. From then on, people became very conscious of their own individual group separate from everyone else, and this trend just snowballed for the millennia after that.

Originally, their intent was to lower their vibrations in order to come into better harmony with the cooling earth and to continue to further explore their individuality. Gradually, the dualistic nature of this world forced their attention to move further and further off an awareness of their unity with each other as they focused more on their separate individuality.

The opportunity to initiate humanity into a lower or higher vibrational frequency comes around roughly every 13,000 years. The ancient Lemurians and the others on planet Earth used many of those cycles to deliberately step down their vibration and consciousness. Since their understanding of their unity was originally second nature, very few saw any danger in their chosen course.

This downward vibrational trend continued with only one initiation opportunity used to raise the vibrations of humanity (at the beginning of the Atlantean period). It could be coincidence, but this is also the period that brought on a monumental accident that compelled the global consciousness to sink to a much lower than it had ever been before. (I tell that story and give many details about ancient history and the coming ascension in my book, Looking, Seeing & Knowing.)

At any rate, consciousness remained very low until the next critical juncture about 5000 years ago. At that point, the ancient Mayans began a new “long count” calendar, and over in Babel, the people expressed the general consensus of humanity by building their famous tower – a monument to their egos, and a statement of their inclination to further explore their individuality, increasing their perception of separation from everyone else.

Flash forward to modern day. After almost dying (again) during WWII, the Earth began the process of opting out of 3D existence. Her future as a higher dimensional entity was finally cemented in during 1989. (Long story)

After that point, the Earth’s vibration began to rise precipitously, and since we’re tied to the earth, our vibrations have been matching hers. A consciousness of our unity with all things has become more prevalent, and the left and right hemispheres of our brain (that were separated so long ago) are beginning to communicate better with each other again. Still, consciousness does not in itself dictate our free-will choices.

Those of us where were born before 1989 contracted for a 3D life before ever coming here. However, in 1989 a new choice suddenly developed that wasn’t available before we planned this life. The Earth IS ascending, and we can go with her, OR we can stick with our original plan. The universe honors its contracts.

Some people simply can’t make that choice and will check out before the ascension. For the rest of us, our choice comes down to trusting the universe and flowing with nature (along with all of the animals) to a better place, or sticking with what we know and what we contracted to accomplish in this lifetime.

Up until the renewal of mankind, all of our vibrations will keep rising to stay in harmony with the earth. During this time, the reunification and interconnectedness of mankind will become more fully realized by all. Then, when the time comes, those who choose to remain in the 3D world (that they’re so heavily invested in) will be separated from those whose vibrations continue to rise.

As mysterious as it sounds, the splitting of mankind into two camps will be a simple matter of physics. The rising vibrations of the Mother Earth group will eventually make them invisible to the 3D people.

I’ll tell you how it’s possible to make the choice to live in a 3 D world when our Mother Earth is ascending out of the 3rd dimension in my next blog: The Renewal of 2012, part III ~ The Miracle of a Better life for Everyone.

Go ahead and guess, but the answer isn’t obvious. (ET’s aren’t going to move everyone who chooses the 3D option.) In fact, although the actual answer makes perfect sense, many will find it unbelievable – because of what they assume they know about the limits of human potential and our world. But then, that’s what makes this development a miracle – even more miraculous than the ascension itself!

If you have any specific questions, please feel free to write me (although, I’ll probably refer you to my book, which has most of the answers already.)

Get excited! Life is changing, and everyone’s going to be VERY happy with that change—Guaranteed!

Many blessings,


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Renewal of 2012, part I

Years ago, the end of the Mayan Calendar was referred to as the “End of time.” Later, there was discussion on how the nature of time itself is changing. However, most intuitively knew that the issue of time was not the primary concern with the date 12/21/12. More recently, people have been discussing “the ascension,” and this is much more to the point. Still, few really know what that means.

In these confusing times of transition, it’s important to remember that our essential life is profoundly simple. It often doesn’t work the way we think, and we tend to complicate things. The only way to really see the coming “ascension” in perspective is from the other side. When I project my attention to after that great event and talk to simple and peaceful people about it, I’ve found that they generally refer to it simply as The Renewal.

After that turning point in human history, life is renewed in every way possible. People are living in harmony with the earth and in better harmony with themselves and others. Disease and duality are no longer a part of everyday life. People also manifest the body that is most useful for soul. In the case of most of the older adults, that means assuming the appearance and energy of a much younger person. In short everything and everyone is renewed.

Q What is the real significance of 12/21/12?
A You’ve probably heard the basics many times by now: It’s the beginning of the long promised “Aquarian Age,” where the earth appears to move into the constellation of Aquarius. It’s also the end of the Mayan Long count Calendar of 13 baktuns, which began 5000 years ago.

However, what almost no one knows is that when it came to pin-pointing the exact time of our worldly transition, which the ancient Mayans describe as a time of better communication and understanding, they predicted that this would occur during a seven year window (between 2007 and 2014). Now that we’re within that window, we can see that this time period is actually the time allotted to accomplish everything necessary, and to make things easiest on ourselves, we’re going to use the entire period.

The Earth needs to purify. The vibrations of the Earth and all of us need to rise, and transforming our physical and emotional anatomy a little slower is a little less painful. Also, everyone needs time to make the most important choice of their lifetime.

That choice is NOT between being a good or bad person as it’s so often represented. However, what that choice actually is and the consequences of that decision will be the subject of the next blog in this 2012 series. For now, I’ll just say that in our upcoming renewal, everyone (regardless of their goals) will be delighted with the end result. How that is possible will be the subject of the third message in this series.

The catastrophic damage to expect while all of our systems purify during this transitional period will be the subject of the fourth message in the series -- for those who really want know.

If you have any specific questions, please feel free to write me.

Until next time –
Many blessings,


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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Karma & the nature of our "perfect world"

A reader of my book, Looking Seeing & Knowing, wrote in saying:

"On page 55, you say that the Earth is scratching at disharmonious parts, but when natural cataclysms happen, they seem to happen to all types of people, and often in parts of the world where people are rather innocent and living close to nature."

Good question! After writing her a reply, I decided that this is a point in which others may be interested.

First of all, I've noticed that when Rasha talks about future events, he often sites some spiritual reason for their occurance. Sometimes, he'll comment on how the affected area is out of balance or out of harmony, and why it needs to be impacted in some way before our transition to the new beginning after 2012 can take hold.

Basically, we've been told that the reason we have to have the destructive earth changes is because of the negativity that needs to be purged. That's not just because of the people currently living in an area. Negativity has been building up in some areas for over 5000 years.

People currently living in an area can mitigate that historic negativity. However, it's more likely that they were attracted to the area in order to participate in it for the purpose of righting some wrong they feel on a deep level. Also, just because people live "simply" doesn't mean that they live close to nature or in harmony with it. Look at all the poor farmers who keep slashing and burning the rain forests.

Anyway, something my higher self said to me once comes to mind whenever I try to pin down an absolute ruling principle to explain how things must always have a divine order despite the appearance of things. I know many popular spiritual gurus proclaim that nothing ever goes wrong, and I'd agree in that broad principle. However, I'll just say that some major misconceptions abound in the understanding of this principle (just as they do with just about everything else we often think we know.)

Taking responsibility for our lives while humbly admitting that we're human and, while part of God, we ARE NOT the totality of God, is a big step over the erroneous belief that we have direct control over everything that happens in our life. (Read my blog on Magic versus Mysticism on Sept 18, 2009 or my April 18th Rant on the Secret in the middle of this page for more on that.)

Anyway, once when I was whining to my higher self about my life down here, he said, "It's not supposed to be perfect."

If we wanted perfect, fair and comfortable, we'd stay in heaven. It balances out eventually - when you consider our multiple lives here. Still, taken one life at a time, things can seem so unfair and wrong that we feel compelled to come back to settle the score. Actually, that's the essence of the principle of karma.

In Magical Mechanisms, I tell how the Hopi say that during these times of earth changes the land under those living in harmony with the Earth will raise into plateaus above all the problems, and how Edgar Casey also once said that our consciousness affects the land around us. Still, does that mean that good people won't ever be caught up in catastrophes? Well, according to Hunt anyway, absolutely not.

We definitely affect our environment, but in order to make karma the perfect system it is for testing our commitment and discretion, we simply need interaction with other forces here on earth. It IS a perfect world! However, perfection in a 3-D world just isn't what you might think!

Blessings & Peace,


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Friday, October 2, 2009

Oneness & THE Most Important lesson during this time of transition

Yesterday, the death toll for the Indonesian Earthquake reached 777. I also received an email using the quake victims as examples of how our belief in separation from God causes needless suffering -- proving again the old adage, “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.”

While it may be ultimately true that personal suffering is a reflection of a person’s belief in separation from all that’s good, it's also true that no one’s personal belief is the only force in the universe. This would seem intuitive, but as we transition into our new beginning, the understanding of our mystical connection with our environment is a very important lesson. So it’s being stressed – sometimes when it’s not really appropriate.

The principle of oneness is so important that many people these days are promoting it as the ONLY principle that really matters. However, during this time of transition, which necessitates many people being displaced from their jobs, marriages, health, or perhaps even their lives (as in the case of the Indonesian earthquake victims), saying that their suffering is only caused by their beliefs just adds undo insult to injury.

We asked in channeling if some of the predicted earth changes and resulting suffering could be avoided if we all became suddenly enlightened. The answer, reluctantly, was “No. The Earth needs to purge itself of all the negativity.”

When you’re sick, you may run too hot or too cold. You may shake or shiver. Any number of reactions may occur as your body tries to rid itself of the problem. The earth isn’t sick, but it does need to purge, and no amount of positive thinking is going to change that. These times are difficult enough without carrying responsibility for the whole world on our shoulders!

Again, the understanding that we tend to reflect what we believe in our environment is a really important lesson. Still, people are suffering needlessly right now with guilt about the state of their lives, communities and the world. What everyone has to understand is that we can’t always blame ourselves for what’s going on right now.

What we’re currently experiencing is NOT life as usual. It’s simply a transition, and during this time we’re only responsible for our own reactions – not the actual events that are being orchestrated by a higher power.

We can let go of the responsibility of shaping this world into what we believe it should be. We can let go of the guilt of for not having picture perfect lives, and we can begin by letting go of the need for approval by those semi-enlightened souls who misapply higher principles of oneness to our dynamically transitioning dualistic world.

Hunt Henion

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