Sunday, June 7, 2009

Protection from Solar Max (more than just sunscreen needed)

Bottom line first: Weird weather and increasingly forceful winds are resulting from the increase in solar activity lately. Protection of our homes will probably become an issue at some point. However, the all-encompassing point here is that we need to learn to harmonize with Mother Earth, so we can create a peaceful place for ourselves and loved ones.

Rasha told us in channeling years ago that we needed to put crystals in all the corners of our home, and around it outside. We then envisioned circles of protection radiating from the crystals. We'll cleanse the ones in the house with water occasionally, and cleanse and empower them all regularly with our visualizations.

That’s step one. Visualizing the home as a part of the body of Mother Earth and regularly filling both with all the love we can is step two. Making sure we’re balanced and connected to the Earth and our source is step three, and I’m going to close with an excerpt from “Looking, Seeing & Knowing,” that summarizes how to do that. However first, a quick word about the cause of the big winds, which are going to only become more noticeable and troublesome as time goes on -- for the next ten years or so.

Worse than Wind

Rasha said that the solar activity that causes the big winds and all the increasingly weird weather around the world is the real danger. He says it’ll start knocking out communications fairly soon, and it’ll eventually fry electronic media. He said that it’s already starting to cause electronic interference with TVs, radios and wireless phones. According to Rasha, cell phones and wireless phones will start shocking people a little on occasion too.

The BIG Picture is that the charged solar winds hit the Earth’s magnetic field and cause all sort of problems including the big winds, weird weather and electronic interference, which could play havoc with most of our modern systems. The interesting thing here is that the Earth is not the only body that has magnetic fields.

Each of us has a similar field around our bodies. When the earth’s magnetic field drops, our fields tend to drop. With the loss of some of our magnetism, we also lose some of our mental acuity. The magnetic field around our body and our mental faculties have also been proven to become lower during times of extreme stress. Anger, fear etc., lowers our magnetic field of protection.

On the other hand, it’s also been demonstrated that feelings of faith and happiness empowers our magnetic field. Positive feelings actually strength us, makes us smarter and more capable of dealing with whatever we have to deal with, AND it feeds the magnetic field of the Earth. The earth is connected to us just as we're connected to her.

We’ve all heard that Mother Earth needs our love. That doesn’t just mean “give a hoot and don’t pollute.” The happier and better balanced (emotionally and magnetically) we are, the more we help Mother Earth stay balanced. Or, from a more personal point of view: the happier and better balanced the people on Earth are, the less the solar storms are going to affect the Earth and everyone on it.

Lessons in Harmony (taken from Looking Seeing & Knowing)

“…here is a five step program to help you shift your awareness so you can be better aware of the shift and stay in harmony with it:

1. Spend as much time as possible outside. Try to relate to all you see in nature and all you know that’s below the surface. Declare yourself part of It. When we’re inside, our own creations take over our consciousness. These inside involvements and creations may comprise our individual path in life. However, they need to be put in their place if we hope to secure our niche in Nature as she lightens her load in preparation for ascension.

2. Avoid opinions and judgments. We all want things to be as easy and comfortable as possible, and we all think we know how that should happen. However, Mother Earth is running this show, and she has her own agenda. Trust the unseen order and know that Mother knows best. Work on detachment from preferences especially from self-indulgent activities. Rest is a priority that Nature understands, but when we’re expected to give up our plans, we need to give them up freely, trusting the Earth and the Universe to provide all that’s really necessary.

Also, try to see life from the viewpoint of the family, friends and foes around you. Those who are cemented into one viewpoint won’t be prepared to offer the love and understanding to others which a unity consciousness demands. Nor will they be prepared to let go of their known world and accept the coming massive changes.

3. Simplify. Spend time and attention on those with whom you feel the strongest bonds. Simplify your thoughts about these people –forget their faults and focus on the love. Simplify your activities, spending all the time you can with those you love and doing things which bring you closer to the Earth. Eat simpler. Be simpler.

4. Gratitude. If the only prayer you said in your whole life was, “Thank you,” that would suffice. Meister Eckart

Gratitude can make you happy and flexible and, incidentally, help you catch the ascension bus when it comes along. Work on cultivating a feeling of constant gratitude for the infinite blessings of Nature, no matter what is happening in your outer life. Express this gratitude whenever possible, and hold all complaints until your silence extinguishes them.

5. Expect to be the person you’ve always wanted to be. Just as we prepare to give up our personal comforts and preferences, we need to give up all we think we know about our limitations. The whole world is changing, and we ARE changing with it.

Now go back to Number One and review the program. Promise yourself and Mother Nature to spend at least a little time each day outside where you’ll surrender your priorities to her higher purpose. While you’re out there, reexamine your commitments with a focus on your bond to your loved ones and Mother Earth. Let your attention to those things in life that belittle you fall away as you gather yourself around the simple things, which really matter.

Feel gratitude and express thanks in every way you can for your ability to stand in Nature and to stand in your truth. Know that this is who you are as an individual and as part of the ascending Earth. Let love and gratitude fill your thoughts and feelings.

Rasha’s quick answer for a busy world where dropping magnetism may make remembering even five steps too difficult, was to “Live in the heart chakra,” (the heart of the heart) and always “come from a place of love.”
What we feel is what we are. Feel love and get to where you feel and know nature. Feel simple, and simply feel gratitude for the beauty of nature and developing new order.

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Friday, June 5, 2009

Praying, Pondering, & Channeling

When I was a little boy of nine years old, I started praying very sincerely after my father died. I asked why he had to die, and over the next year or so, I ending up asking why everything else in the universe happened. If I didn’t immediately get answers, I’d have them when I woke up in the morning.

One day, I wondered what God looked like, and like all of the rest of my questions, I got an answer. I saw him as a stocky, dark haired man with a short dark beard. About a dozen years later, I happened to find a picture of this man. I thought I was praying to God all that time, but the picture said it was of an ancient Tibetan master by the name of Rebazar Tarz.

Over the years (decades), I began to question that experience, but when I met and married a woman who channels, I asked in channeling if that person I prayed to was really Rebazar. Rasha confirmed that he was. He added that this Tibetan master still checks in on me now and then.

My question is this: Do we really know who we’re talking to when we pray or ponder? We assume we’re talking to God or ourselves. Still, do you really know who that voice in your head is? Most everyone assumes they know the answer to that. Some say with conviction that they go "right to the source" and pray to God. Others are proud of their own intuition.

We all have to assume we know what’s going on or we’d go a little crazy. Still, I’d venture to say that no matter what we think, we don’t really know what’s actually happening most of the time. We can’t usually figure out why this world works the way it does let alone whose helping us when we think we’re pondering or praying all by ourselves.

Hunt Henion

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Channeling - a matter of consciousness

Someone wrote a very nice note to me today explaining why the channeling we do is totally invalid. Her point was that direct intuitive knowledge is the only reliable divination technique. After writing her a rather lengthy reply about why channeling , and our channeling in particular can be valid, I decided to post it here, so that WHEN I get a similar challenge, I'll be able just direct them here without breaking my pace.

Her point was that direct intuitive knowledge is the only reliable divination technique. After writing her a rather lengthy reply about why channeling , and our channeling in particular can be valid, I decided to post it here, because i didn't really think I'd be facing these challenges from this group.

Anyway, here's my reply to her (cleaned up a little):

A lot of people feel the same way you do about channeling. And I know there's a lot of schlock out there that was supposedly channeled. It all comes down to personal consciousness. Just as some people are wiser than others, some attract wiser and more cooperative entities than others.

Many years ago, I tried using a Ouija board. I could tell that the first entity who came through had nothing important or serious to say, so I just dismissed him/her and asked for someone with a better message. My wife has a system of protection that she always puts up. She tells others about this too, and i suppose it's necessary, but I've never had the need. I can just tell if the entity has anything of importance for me. I can feel the love and good intentions - or not.

Anyway, I sincerely believe that channeling can be a useful tool, especially the way we do it! Danna channels her brother, whom she greatly loves. He was also a holy man in a previous lifetime, and I've started using that name, Rasha, instead of Billy, 'cause that seems to impress more people. She's also channeled an entity we both have a lot of history with. He gave me a series of lessons on how to get back to nature. She's also channeled a being who said his name was Othello, and that he was "the reader of the stars." Turns out he's a navigator for the Ashtar Command, and he has the highest energy either of us has ever been exposed to.

Besides, direct experience is not without it's pitfalls. People are comfortable with it because they trust their own perceptions and conclusions. However, that can be a big mistake, especially when people have to make leaps of faith to get past their natural mental censors of such info. Often they'll assume a depth and knowledge that's really beyond their experience. I've had lots of direct experiences, and Billy/Rahsa has had to correct the details many times.

Direct experience told me I had an affinity with Moses. Someone else might have jumped to the conclusion that they were Moses. Or a malicious entity may have confirmed it for them in channeling just to sit back and watch the fun. As it was, Billy told me I was his scribe, and together we worked out some of the details from that experience. I had memories, and he put a fine point on them.

The same thing happened with Dante. I said that whenever I read Dante or thought about the man, it felt really familar. Someone else might have taken that direct experinece and closeness with Dante and jumped to the conclusion that they were him in that past life. As it turns out I was Dante's grandfather. That info opened me up to other memories and issues that relate to other past lives - which Billy confirmed.

It's not that channeling is unreliable. Consciousness in this world is unreliable. If someone has a direct experience or memory or a channeled message, it can simply be be wrong because it has to filter through our human consciousness.

I've come to a very comfortable understanding about what I'm doing, and there are lots of checks and balances. I'll do conventional research, run it by my own intuition and contemplate it. Then I'll make a list of questions to ask in channeling.

When I ask specific questions in channeling, the answers are very clear, and I believe they have a very good chance of being correct. A very common sense picture of the issue in question always develops by the time I go through this process.

When I ask vague questions or personal questions like what am I supposed to do, or what's my purpose, I'm told to ask my own guides. I'll run all i get in channeling by my own guides anyway. The process begins and ends with a personal contemplation, and then I'll present the big picture back to Billy/Rasha in channeling.

Usually, he'll agree, but he might make minor corrections to some of the facts. I end up feeling very comfortable that I've gotten to the bottom of the researched subject. However, because channeling is subject to a consciousness that can screen and verify the facts given, and because many out there who are capable of a trance aren't capable of a high degree of digression, channeling has gotten a bad name.

It's too bad too. On the other hand, we all sacrificed a tremendous amount of awareness when we came into this world. I'm sure putting up walls to that awareness now that we're here is also part of that natural mechanism. Illusion is the name of the game in the 3D world, and just because truth is available doesn't mean it's always desirable. Still, when it is, I don't think we should entirely rule out channeling.