Saturday, November 28, 2009

2012, part 6 - Ascension "Like Christmas everyday, but better!"

Since you're still reading these blogs after my explanation about how "the earth will split" and how people will be divided into camps, (the most controversial part of our predictions), maybe you're ready to think seriously about how the ascension will unfold. The most common concern people tell us about has to do with wondering how they and their loved ones can all transition to the new world at the same time. This boils down to a more basic question:

Q. Will ascension occur gradually or in an instant?

A. Both - The moment that you follow the glowing, sparkling light to a place where the feeling of love and wellbeing is permanent, you will have ascended. However, this moment will not come for everyone at the same time.

Most people who ascend will then go back to the old world to tell loved ones of the experience and try to get them to come back with them. This process can begin when the Schulman Resonance Frequency of the earth has stabilized at 13, and it'll occur until the vibration of the earth stabilizes at 21 on that scale. At that point, "the door will close," as Rasha put it.

When the two camps are permanently separated, the 3-D world will continue without the irritating dissension of those who moved on, and those in that 5th dimension now will be so happily resolved to their new life that it'll be fairly easy after a while to accept the decision of others to reamin in the 3 D world.

Try to imagine how you'll feel when you come into the full realization of your dream of abundance. Imagine the sensation of growing in openness everyday until you come into a total acceptance of yourself and others. Life will be effortless and joyful as desires quickly manifest the object of your desire and quickly attract people who will enrich your life. The loving desire to give to others will be contagious. I'll be like Christmas everyday - but better!

The ascended earth will actually be beyond duality, so that all your efforts will be constructive as everyone works together in love and harmony. However, many people aren't ready for that. They have a more circular expectation of life, linking destruction to their constructive efforts. They have life contracts on a 3D Earth and just aren't ready to wind them up any time soon.

Still, the price of remaining on the 3D world is ignorance that won't feel very blissful during this transition. For instance, people on the dualistic world will be desperately trying to figure out where the missing people went. There will be a lot of children who ascend without parents. The parents will be putting up posters all over trying to locate their missing kids. Many kids will come back to explain it, but the parent's won't believe them. They can't! Then when the child disappears again, the confusion and upset will be multiplied.

Many other things will happen, but much of that story still remains to be written. In this series of six blogs on 2012, I've tried to cover what I think is the most relevant information presented to us through channeling -- and through personal research that was then confirmed in channeling. It came out slowly over a three year period and is covered in more detail in the last half of my book, "Looking, Seeing & Knowing."

Still, what will actually occur remains to be seen and chronicled. Those who have journaled know how that helps clarify your thoughts. Recording them also allows you to build one thought and memory on top of another.

All three of my books started out as a personal record of life as I see it. One big change in the new world will be the recognition of yourself as the ultimate authority on your life. Your instinct will be to research your own thoughts and experiences rather than looking for an expert outside yourself. However, before you can refer to your own personal bible, you need to write it.

That's why I'm ending this series of messages on 2012 with the recommendation that YOU start a journal of your own experiences and thoughts TODAY - for yourself and for posterity!

Those who ascend and have their lives extended by hundreds of years will especially want journaled reminders of their stories, so they never run out of true adventures to tell the kids who will be crowding around you under the trees to listen.

Many Blessings,


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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

2012 Part 5 - What WILL Happen as our Worlds Unwind

In part 4 of this series of 2012 messages, I reported what we've been told will NOT happen. I'm going to tell you what we believe WILL HAPPEN in the next few years, but first a little background:

For the last 11,500 years, the magnetic field of the Sun has been winding up around itself (due to the pull of the planets) to a breaking point in a way that has manifested in the last few years as a conspicuous absence of sun spots. Meanwhile, the winding up of the human experience, as exemplified as the attempt to make life appear linear and separate from all of God's other creatures, has been occurring for maybe ten times that long. (See message #2 in this series that describes steps taken to initiate this separation back on Lemuria.) Soon, our sun will throw off its magnetic field, disrupting the earth's magnetism in the process, and trigger the unwinding of all of our carefully constructed illusion -- But that's a good thing!

Since the beginning of human history, we have twisted the universal laws of unity, lowering our vibrations on many occasions, so we could see things the way we wanted to more easily. Yet, the more we've tried to iron out reality onto our 3D linear plane, the more we have actually twisted natural reality (God's reality)! That was our right, and it served a purpose. However, our vibrations are rising again now, and the reality we've all come to know is beginning to unwind.

We're beginning to see the unity of all things and our connection with others more clearly. Events are beginning to catalyze this process. The sun throwing off its magnetic field and causing a profound quiet (and panic by others) here on earth when all of our magnetic media is erased will be the next big step in this catalyzing process.

Q: What else will happen?

A: Only what needs to happen!

What we each need is different. Personally, I really believe the changes around 2012 will come to be known as the pivotal time when everyone created the life they wanted. We may be making different choices, but all of our vibrations are rising. Some misguided souls may have their hands tied right now (I explain this in the last blog about things that will not be allowed to happen.) However, everyone will be maturing quickly in the days ahead, and our guidance will be getting stronger and clearer all the time.

As for the specific dangers and miracles that lie ahead, the Hopi have said that the land under those who are in harmony with Mother Earth will "rise like plateaus." Edgar Casey has said that people will influence their immediate environment so that their surroundings will respond to their needs. Many seemingly miraculous things will be noticed in the coming years as we all quickly outgrow the belief that things happen for random reasons in a chaotic universe.

For those who want to know what exactly will happen, Rasha has confirmed in channeling that "Planet X" will fly by about the same time as we experience a 180 degree magnetic pole reversal and about a 20 degree crustal shift. Perhaps plante X will be the catalyst for the polar shift. Rasha's guess at the magnitude of this shift (which I reported in "Looking, Seeing & Knowing") coincides closely with Drunvalo's recent relaying of the living Mayan authorities' prediction of the same magnetic pole reversal and a 16 degree crustal shift.

Rasha has said that a black void of about 25-30 hours may accompany this shift (also tentatively confirming Drunvalo's Mayan prediction. He has also said that he sees the future earth changes playing out pretty much the way Gordon Michael Scallion describes. Rasha has also confirmed Scallion's future map of the world map as very accurate.

Still, everyone's experience is going to be a little different. We're all learning to accommodate our multidimensional selves and integrate our many dimensions into this physical world. So, our experiences are going to be increasingly multifaceted. We're also going to have more access to our higher nature and abilities. Trust them!

Incidentally, since magnetic media will be going down, the only records of this amazing time in history will be the physically written ones. So, this might be a great time to start a journal to chronicle what you observe and feel about the changing world around you. Then, maybe someday those who were fortunate enough to go through this transition might want to tell their children,grandchildren, and communities their stories -- thus anchoring the new world in authentic accounts of its roots.

Many Blessings and hugs,


For more information on exactly how our sun operates as an magnetic generator and how that will impact us in the near future see For more info on how this works exactly see Patrick Geryl's books, including "The Orion Prophecy, " and "How to survive 2012."

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Renewal of 2012, Part IV – What’s NOT Going to Happen

NO “Kill Shot”

I asked Rasha in a channeling session if the visions of the Ed Dames remote viewers were correct in seeing the Earth receive a “kill shot” from the sun around 2012. He said, he didn’t see anything like that. He said that the sun will blow off its magnetic field (that’s been building for about 11,500 years) on schedule, but that any potentially fatal CME will be directed away from the earth. However, he smiled as he told how that event will erase all magnetic media here on Earth, removing the strangle hold that the PTBs have over us and giving the new, budding humanitarian systems a chance to flourish.

NO Ice Age

I asked about the scenario of volcanoes going off all over the world and how that could throw up ash high enough into the air that it would remain in orbit for 40 years and cause another ice age. He confirmed that a lot of volcanoes are going to erupt and that the ash in the air will be a serious concern, but that there won’t be another ice age.

Years ago, one of the first things he told me was that the ice age, that some were predicting, wouldn’t happen. Instead, after all the earth changes, we’d be left with a semi-tropical world. However, I just now (three years later) discovered why that’s going to happen!

Trying to get to the bottom of it, I asked if maybe our ET brothers would help dispel all that ash and thus avert the ice age disaster for us. He said, “No.” However (and here’s the good part), he said that we won’t need any help from any outsiders because humans around the world would be removing all that ash from the air themselves using spiritual means.

This may seem fairly far-fetched. However, a few years ago, Drunvalo had a team who would go around to cities and remove the smog from the air using spiritual means. So, it can be done, and evidently people all over the world are going to clear the air with their loving thoughts, cleansing energy, and hopeful, trusting expectations.

NO ET Rescue

I had to ask if ETs would be moving a lot of the earth’s population off-world until all the earth changes are over – because so many people have written in suggesting that that’s a good possibility. Rasha said that’s not going to happen. The coming changes aren’t just unfortunate events resulting from the purification of Mother Earth. They are tests that divide people into the two camps I wrote about in part III of this series. Also, dramatic earth changes are necessary to provide all those who can’t commit to one of the two camps with another option for a new life.

ET Intervention

However, during this time of transition, we have a tremendous amount of support from ascended masters, our guides and friendly ETs. So, there’ll be

NO Atomic annihilation, NO Pandemic, and NO mass population reduction via vaccination or from any other Man-made scheme

Rasha has confirmed on many occasions that the ET’s aren’t allowing atomic bombs to detonate. Mother Earth needs the rest from that, and we need that buffer from our controlling and ruthless rulers.

Similarly, the ET’s have nullified the dangerous potential in man-made viruses and vaccines that are intended for mass distribution. This has happened with all the conveniently predicted pandemics and many other cases that no one ever hers about.

This leaves us with Nature and the divine plan. I wrote about what I believe that is and how I see it playing out in “Looking, Seeing & Knowing.” However, it may be enough to know that all the above predicted disasters will never manifest.

We are greatly loved and tremendously protected! Those who’ve historically had all kinds of power over us are themselves being controlled (at least restrained) by our space brothers. The social, economic and earth changes that need to manifest, for a variety of reasons, are challenging enough without the selfish few making a good life and spiritual prosperity impossible – So the real danger of that threat is being removed.

What lies ahead is entirely positive! Our human consciousness may need a little tweaking to make us more harmonious with the developing divine plan. However, we’re surrounded with guidance and inspiration just waiting to be applied!

NO Catastrophe

After every tsunami, there are always stories about how the wild animals moved to higher ground just before the catastrophe. So, for those animals that listened and followed their inner voice, there was NO catastrophe.

Priorities need to be sorted out. Choices remain to be made. Life is going to be giving us plenty of challenging opportunities in the coming years to help us discover our “gut reactions” and fine tune our commitments.

Still, it’s all good. Coming events, no matter how initially disturbing, are all paving the way to our new beginning by purifying us and our world.

During these times of change around 2012, don’t let the illusion or threat of catastrophe capture your attention. Don let worry handicap you. Remaining positive reveals ways we can help each other and ourselves. It also has an amazing capacity for multiplying creative inspiration among all involved -- as we all find our way through the transitional maze into the bright new world, which is just around the corner now.

Many Bessings,


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Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Renewal of 2012, part III ~ The Miracle of a Better life for Everyone.

As I mentioned in the previous blog, everyone’s vibrations are rising to match those of the earth right now. People are becoming more aware, understanding more, and we’re all feeling more empathy for each other. However, as I explained, many still struggle with the basic decision to “let go and let God…” or to try to desperately maintain control over their individual (separate) lives.

It’s human nature to externalize this conflict. Still, despite all the acting out, everyone’s DNA is improving, and along with their rising vibrations, the formula for a renewal of everyone’s life (along the lines of their choosing) is in the works. Some will choose to ascend, and some will choose to stay in the familiar 3D world, which should have some much improved foundations in place by the time of the ascension.

Still, the dilemma is how is it possible to maintain a 3D life on the earth we’ve come to know when that Earth is ascending out of the third dimension? To explain that, I’m going to quote from a chapter in Looking, Seeing & Knowing, titled: The Triumph of Free Will:

"First of all, it’s important to understand that we don’t have to ever entirely understand everything. Understanding (according to Hunt) is only useful when it makes us more comfortable with knowing ourselves and our place in the world. THE important thing to remember is that we’re working with an infinitely creative Universe, which WILL eventually give everyone what they need…

"Here we are, sitting on an Earth, which has used her Free Will to opt up and out of the 3D experience. To this end, many of us, and beings from other worlds, are cooperating with her. Our energy and optimism helps reinforce the new grid, and the intent of our practical steps helps ease Mother Earth and humanity through this change. The sun, which is like the mother of our Mother Earth, is also working with her.

"The whole universe is cooperating, and as a result, this new energy and awareness is shaking up social, political and economic institutions. Enlightenment is sprouting under their foundations. …The Earth is going through a cleansing; human institutions are going through a cleansing, and people are discovering their priorities in the process.

Earth changes help displace or confirm our old mindsets in a number of ways. Watching what our leaders do or don’t do when faced with human tragedy shows their real priorities. Similarly, all of us will be faced with choices, which force us to rely on our old limited mindsets or open ourselves up to new trust-based ones.

"Many will also grow in unity consciousness as they take more responsibility for their community when public services fail us. Others will hold up and horde, keeping neighbors at bay at gunpoint. Many will open up to new, more humanitarian priorities, while others hang onto the old familiar ones.

"The really interesting part about the developing solution is how Nature is preparing to bring about a better world for ALL humans while our population is rapidly diverging into two camps. We have souls with a vested interest in their 3 D contracts,who will for one reason or another, want to keep operating in the 3 D world they’ve come to know. Then we have all those who wish to evolve with Mother Earth to a place that’s totally incompatible with duality and other 3 D realities.

"Both groups of spiritual beings have the divine use of Free Will. The universe can’t hold one back or push the other ahead. Free Will dictates that all humans can pick their own perspective.

"After two near death experiences, Mother Earth is evolving out of here. …Many of us will be evolving with her. That seems simple enough. However, what about the souls who don’t want to move on? I’ve read that they will move to sister planet.

"Yet, when I asked Othello of the Ashtar Command about this, he said, “There is no other dualistic world that has Free Will. You’re unique! That was the great experiment.”

"…if people can't move to a similar/sister planet and they can't stay here (because the earth is ascending), I didn't see any possible answer. However, Othello told me the solution, and it’s been confirmed in channeling by two other trusted entities now on many occasions. He said, “Your Earth will split.”

"When I asked all three entities about this, they said the same exact words. All three explained what I explained above about divergent views, our evolution and the changes here on Earth. However, they were silent about what exactly an “earth split” meant. Over time, I figured it out, and they confirmed my thoughts as they always do with concepts that are new to me before I go public with any of it.

"Evidently, although what’s about to happen has never happened before in the infinity of time and space, it is occurring using natural laws, which have always been in place. It’s never happened before because there was never a dualistic world with Free Will before, let alone one that was evolving out of the 3-D reality.

"However, now that we’re to this point, the natural laws of love and manifestation are simply called into action. They’ll be applied as never before. Still, it’s all part of the spiritual system and natural reality we’re all just beginning to understand.

"…People who cling to their old 3 D way of looking at things strongly enough will resist the pull of ascension with the Earth. Their expectations that one day will be just like the previous one will actually manifest that reality. Their wishes and expectations (powered by divine Free Will) will actually create a world that will look just like the earth they’ve always known.

"Many souls, will want to finish their contracts on the 3D Earth – an Earth that’s scheduled to depart from the 3D realm of reality. Yet Free Will is a divine, creative force, which has only been given to one 3D race (us) though-out the eternity of time.

"…(Many people's) expectations will trigger this divine, creative Free Will power into manifesting a miracle, which will prove their expectations true. Thus, the story of the 3D Earth will continue as it always has -- with lots of power and lots of misconceptions.

"Just like the evolved Earth is already created but not solid enough to move into yet, the new 3D world is also already a reality on a subtler plane. After the Earth ascends, those left behind will be able to stand their ground and say, “See, nothing is changing….” As they look out at the world they just manifested to validate their own illusion, they’ll feel confident in their resolve that the world is still the same!

"Actually, it won’t quite be the same under the surface of things. The new earth will have the vitality of youth, the happy resolve that comes with youth, and no desire to be anywhere but in the third dimension. Also, at the time of the split, everyone on both planets will have much better use of improved DNA, which makes them more capable to leading better and longer lives.

"…Our Mother Earth is an intelligent being who is going to take care of things before she ascends. … leadership will emerge quickly as many genuinely concerned people, who are being positioned right now, follow their hearts and move into action. Many of the new leaders on the 3-D world will be people who are of a like mind with the 3-D humans. Others will set systems up and train people so things will proceed better after they move on with the evolving Earth. Still other leaders, who could go, will choose to remain behind to help.

"Besides these two destinations, many on the Earth will go other places when they die just as they’ve always done. There are countless worlds that are appropriate for taking the next step for many individuals. …When people die who are in this world now, things will be settled just as they’ve always been.

"They’ll go to the places they need and deserve, just as they always have before. However, when the shift happens, those living on the Earth will go to one of two places. They will either evolve with the Earth, or they will continue as usual on an earth that looks and acts the same as the one they’ve always known. These people will have been so sure that they were right about the nature of reality that they will actually create that reality as proof. They will create a new world, which they will mistakenly call “Earth.”

"So, the story of unlimited, “Free Will” power in the hands of people who either don’t understand it or refuse to believe in it will continue. Their denial of human potential, which is beyond what they can comprehend, will create by far the greatest miracle any dualistic race has ever accomplished since the dawn of time!

"It will launch phase two of Genesis, unbeknownst to those involved but marveled at by everyone else. The illusion of captivity will be renewed and divine Free Will in a dualistic world will have a new beginning.

"Beyond that new beginning, NO ONE knows what’s going to happen. That’s the nature of Free Will. All we can do is watch and see. We might have a better idea though somewhere around the “end of time.”

"Stay tuned. Film at 11:11 -- on 12/21/12. Then, by 2014 (the end of the seven year transition), we all need to be ready to hang on for the ride of our lives!"

Comments about these blogs will be answered.

Blessings to All - during this difficult transition and forever!


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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Renewal of 2012, part II – The Reunification Project

Today, we’re involved in shifting our awareness toward our reunification with others. However, that wasn’t always the goal. Back when the understanding of our interconnectedness was second nature, the people of Lemuria constructed a great wall across their continent to help them separate and explore their male and female tendencies. This physical wall helped them manifest their intention to put a barrier between their left and right hemispheres of their brains so they could experience working with those two distinctly separate approaches to life.

They also set up separate villages in these two sections of their country in an effort to further fragment, and therefore understand further specialized human orientations. From then on, people became very conscious of their own individual group separate from everyone else, and this trend just snowballed for the millennia after that.

Originally, their intent was to lower their vibrations in order to come into better harmony with the cooling earth and to continue to further explore their individuality. Gradually, the dualistic nature of this world forced their attention to move further and further off an awareness of their unity with each other as they focused more on their separate individuality.

The opportunity to initiate humanity into a lower or higher vibrational frequency comes around roughly every 13,000 years. The ancient Lemurians and the others on planet Earth used many of those cycles to deliberately step down their vibration and consciousness. Since their understanding of their unity was originally second nature, very few saw any danger in their chosen course.

This downward vibrational trend continued with only one initiation opportunity used to raise the vibrations of humanity (at the beginning of the Atlantean period). It could be coincidence, but this is also the period that brought on a monumental accident that compelled the global consciousness to sink to a much lower than it had ever been before. (I tell that story and give many details about ancient history and the coming ascension in my book, Looking, Seeing & Knowing.)

At any rate, consciousness remained very low until the next critical juncture about 5000 years ago. At that point, the ancient Mayans began a new “long count” calendar, and over in Babel, the people expressed the general consensus of humanity by building their famous tower – a monument to their egos, and a statement of their inclination to further explore their individuality, increasing their perception of separation from everyone else.

Flash forward to modern day. After almost dying (again) during WWII, the Earth began the process of opting out of 3D existence. Her future as a higher dimensional entity was finally cemented in during 1989. (Long story)

After that point, the Earth’s vibration began to rise precipitously, and since we’re tied to the earth, our vibrations have been matching hers. A consciousness of our unity with all things has become more prevalent, and the left and right hemispheres of our brain (that were separated so long ago) are beginning to communicate better with each other again. Still, consciousness does not in itself dictate our free-will choices.

Those of us where were born before 1989 contracted for a 3D life before ever coming here. However, in 1989 a new choice suddenly developed that wasn’t available before we planned this life. The Earth IS ascending, and we can go with her, OR we can stick with our original plan. The universe honors its contracts.

Some people simply can’t make that choice and will check out before the ascension. For the rest of us, our choice comes down to trusting the universe and flowing with nature (along with all of the animals) to a better place, or sticking with what we know and what we contracted to accomplish in this lifetime.

Up until the renewal of mankind, all of our vibrations will keep rising to stay in harmony with the earth. During this time, the reunification and interconnectedness of mankind will become more fully realized by all. Then, when the time comes, those who choose to remain in the 3D world (that they’re so heavily invested in) will be separated from those whose vibrations continue to rise.

As mysterious as it sounds, the splitting of mankind into two camps will be a simple matter of physics. The rising vibrations of the Mother Earth group will eventually make them invisible to the 3D people.

I’ll tell you how it’s possible to make the choice to live in a 3 D world when our Mother Earth is ascending out of the 3rd dimension in my next blog: The Renewal of 2012, part III ~ The Miracle of a Better life for Everyone.

Go ahead and guess, but the answer isn’t obvious. (ET’s aren’t going to move everyone who chooses the 3D option.) In fact, although the actual answer makes perfect sense, many will find it unbelievable – because of what they assume they know about the limits of human potential and our world. But then, that’s what makes this development a miracle – even more miraculous than the ascension itself!

If you have any specific questions, please feel free to write me (although, I’ll probably refer you to my book, which has most of the answers already.)

Get excited! Life is changing, and everyone’s going to be VERY happy with that change—Guaranteed!

Many blessings,


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Renewal of 2012, part I

Years ago, the end of the Mayan Calendar was referred to as the “End of time.” Later, there was discussion on how the nature of time itself is changing. However, most intuitively knew that the issue of time was not the primary concern with the date 12/21/12. More recently, people have been discussing “the ascension,” and this is much more to the point. Still, few really know what that means.

In these confusing times of transition, it’s important to remember that our essential life is profoundly simple. It often doesn’t work the way we think, and we tend to complicate things. The only way to really see the coming “ascension” in perspective is from the other side. When I project my attention to after that great event and talk to simple and peaceful people about it, I’ve found that they generally refer to it simply as The Renewal.

After that turning point in human history, life is renewed in every way possible. People are living in harmony with the earth and in better harmony with themselves and others. Disease and duality are no longer a part of everyday life. People also manifest the body that is most useful for soul. In the case of most of the older adults, that means assuming the appearance and energy of a much younger person. In short everything and everyone is renewed.

Q What is the real significance of 12/21/12?
A You’ve probably heard the basics many times by now: It’s the beginning of the long promised “Aquarian Age,” where the earth appears to move into the constellation of Aquarius. It’s also the end of the Mayan Long count Calendar of 13 baktuns, which began 5000 years ago.

However, what almost no one knows is that when it came to pin-pointing the exact time of our worldly transition, which the ancient Mayans describe as a time of better communication and understanding, they predicted that this would occur during a seven year window (between 2007 and 2014). Now that we’re within that window, we can see that this time period is actually the time allotted to accomplish everything necessary, and to make things easiest on ourselves, we’re going to use the entire period.

The Earth needs to purify. The vibrations of the Earth and all of us need to rise, and transforming our physical and emotional anatomy a little slower is a little less painful. Also, everyone needs time to make the most important choice of their lifetime.

That choice is NOT between being a good or bad person as it’s so often represented. However, what that choice actually is and the consequences of that decision will be the subject of the next blog in this 2012 series. For now, I’ll just say that in our upcoming renewal, everyone (regardless of their goals) will be delighted with the end result. How that is possible will be the subject of the third message in this series.

The catastrophic damage to expect while all of our systems purify during this transitional period will be the subject of the fourth message in the series -- for those who really want know.

If you have any specific questions, please feel free to write me.

Until next time –
Many blessings,


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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Karma & the nature of our "perfect world"

A reader of my book, Looking Seeing & Knowing, wrote in saying:

"On page 55, you say that the Earth is scratching at disharmonious parts, but when natural cataclysms happen, they seem to happen to all types of people, and often in parts of the world where people are rather innocent and living close to nature."

Good question! After writing her a reply, I decided that this is a point in which others may be interested.

First of all, I've noticed that when Rasha talks about future events, he often sites some spiritual reason for their occurance. Sometimes, he'll comment on how the affected area is out of balance or out of harmony, and why it needs to be impacted in some way before our transition to the new beginning after 2012 can take hold.

Basically, we've been told that the reason we have to have the destructive earth changes is because of the negativity that needs to be purged. That's not just because of the people currently living in an area. Negativity has been building up in some areas for over 5000 years.

People currently living in an area can mitigate that historic negativity. However, it's more likely that they were attracted to the area in order to participate in it for the purpose of righting some wrong they feel on a deep level. Also, just because people live "simply" doesn't mean that they live close to nature or in harmony with it. Look at all the poor farmers who keep slashing and burning the rain forests.

Anyway, something my higher self said to me once comes to mind whenever I try to pin down an absolute ruling principle to explain how things must always have a divine order despite the appearance of things. I know many popular spiritual gurus proclaim that nothing ever goes wrong, and I'd agree in that broad principle. However, I'll just say that some major misconceptions abound in the understanding of this principle (just as they do with just about everything else we often think we know.)

Taking responsibility for our lives while humbly admitting that we're human and, while part of God, we ARE NOT the totality of God, is a big step over the erroneous belief that we have direct control over everything that happens in our life. (Read my blog on Magic versus Mysticism on Sept 18, 2009 or my April 18th Rant on the Secret in the middle of this page for more on that.)

Anyway, once when I was whining to my higher self about my life down here, he said, "It's not supposed to be perfect."

If we wanted perfect, fair and comfortable, we'd stay in heaven. It balances out eventually - when you consider our multiple lives here. Still, taken one life at a time, things can seem so unfair and wrong that we feel compelled to come back to settle the score. Actually, that's the essence of the principle of karma.

In Magical Mechanisms, I tell how the Hopi say that during these times of earth changes the land under those living in harmony with the Earth will raise into plateaus above all the problems, and how Edgar Casey also once said that our consciousness affects the land around us. Still, does that mean that good people won't ever be caught up in catastrophes? Well, according to Hunt anyway, absolutely not.

We definitely affect our environment, but in order to make karma the perfect system it is for testing our commitment and discretion, we simply need interaction with other forces here on earth. It IS a perfect world! However, perfection in a 3-D world just isn't what you might think!

Blessings & Peace,


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Friday, October 2, 2009

Oneness & THE Most Important lesson during this time of transition

Yesterday, the death toll for the Indonesian Earthquake reached 777. I also received an email using the quake victims as examples of how our belief in separation from God causes needless suffering -- proving again the old adage, “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.”

While it may be ultimately true that personal suffering is a reflection of a person’s belief in separation from all that’s good, it's also true that no one’s personal belief is the only force in the universe. This would seem intuitive, but as we transition into our new beginning, the understanding of our mystical connection with our environment is a very important lesson. So it’s being stressed – sometimes when it’s not really appropriate.

The principle of oneness is so important that many people these days are promoting it as the ONLY principle that really matters. However, during this time of transition, which necessitates many people being displaced from their jobs, marriages, health, or perhaps even their lives (as in the case of the Indonesian earthquake victims), saying that their suffering is only caused by their beliefs just adds undo insult to injury.

We asked in channeling if some of the predicted earth changes and resulting suffering could be avoided if we all became suddenly enlightened. The answer, reluctantly, was “No. The Earth needs to purge itself of all the negativity.”

When you’re sick, you may run too hot or too cold. You may shake or shiver. Any number of reactions may occur as your body tries to rid itself of the problem. The earth isn’t sick, but it does need to purge, and no amount of positive thinking is going to change that. These times are difficult enough without carrying responsibility for the whole world on our shoulders!

Again, the understanding that we tend to reflect what we believe in our environment is a really important lesson. Still, people are suffering needlessly right now with guilt about the state of their lives, communities and the world. What everyone has to understand is that we can’t always blame ourselves for what’s going on right now.

What we’re currently experiencing is NOT life as usual. It’s simply a transition, and during this time we’re only responsible for our own reactions – not the actual events that are being orchestrated by a higher power.

We can let go of the responsibility of shaping this world into what we believe it should be. We can let go of the guilt of for not having picture perfect lives, and we can begin by letting go of the need for approval by those semi-enlightened souls who misapply higher principles of oneness to our dynamically transitioning dualistic world.

Hunt Henion

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Magic versus Mysticism

As we look for ways to expand our awareness of how things work these days; positive thinking, the law of attraction, and similar “mind over matter” concepts are being sold as the new Messiah. Motivational gurus make some good points about human potential. However, it seems to me there are some wrinkles in this new religion.

My parents visited from out of town the other day, and they tried to teach me how to play cribbage while they were here. My mom was explaining the strategy and told me once that we wanted to draw a 5. So, I cut the deck and got a 5. It did help us, but it helped my son and father even more, so we lost that hand. Next, Mom told me we were hoping for a 6, so I cut and we got a 6. Same thing – we got a couple points but our opponents got even more, so we lost again. This little game reminded me why I stopped following conventional guidance many years ago.

Lately, the current wisdom that most of us hear says “Take control of your life. Manifest what you want to happen!”

Sometimes, people ask “Does it work?”

Yes! Of course it works!

The question we should be asking is “Is it in our best interest to work that magic?”

Like those hands of cribbage I lost when I made things happen that I thought I wanted, it’s incredibly easy to force the wrong situations into our lives. During these times of change (i.e. destruction, and the threat of destruction, of just about everything in our lives) pulling a rabbit out of a hat could be really handy! Still, it’s really important to learn to rely on the only thing that is really reliable, and destroy all of our other illusions before they try to destroy us.

Learning to harmonize rather than using all the forces at our disposal to force our own way is the difference between mysticism and magic. Magic make things happen that we want to happen. Mysticism puts our desires and energy in action but leaves us detached from the results, placing our faith instead on the intelligence of the universe.

Those who are religious might want to remember Commandment #1. Reliance on the wisdom of our own ego instead of on our supreme source is a violation of that commandment. The rest of us pragmatic types probably just need to realize that whenever we try to take complete control of a situation, we’re on thin ice. We need to take responsibility for our lives, but that’s entirely different from taking control away from the intelligent, mystical force around us.

Hunt Henion

Monday, September 7, 2009

Intentions: The Building Blocks of a New World

After asking Rasha personal questions for ourselves and others in a channeled session, I mentioned that a lot of us are having some serious challenges with health, finances, and just about every aspect of our lives. This is what he had to say:

"Everybody’s adjusting to the energies. You’re having growing pains. Know that everything is happening for a reason.

In these times of turbulence, don’t take yourself so seriously! These things do pass. Take time out for yourself. Take a walk and do other things to relax and you’ll wear through this better.

I do see chaos, but there is calm after that. It’s going to be wonderful! People are going to come together in a way they haven’t in a long time. People will come together and stay together."

At one point, after I asked about the particulars of the “chaos” and the “wonderful calm after that,” Rasha responded, “You think too much.”

That comment sparked the memory of a vision I have a few days ago. I was stressed and sat down to do a contemplation – in order to get myself together so I could be more productive. During my little time out, I saw a circle spiraling inward. My guide said, “Productivity is like that.”

I knew instantly that I had to find my center and forget everything else. No matter what happens, there’s always a profound calm deep at our core. Some call this the “seat of soul” or the “heart of our heart.” Still, whatever you call it, when enough people start going there regularly enough to quiet their own personal chaos, the social chaos that most of us get caught up in, at least occasionally, will also have to quietly give way to a new and better order.

This awareness of an underlying stability within, despite the outer chaos, is the building block out of which our new world is being constructed. As more of these blocks are built, more and more people are talking about how to add to this wonderous construction. A sort of spiritual conspiracy is percolating within all established orders as each of us answers the call of soul to do what we can, each in our own way.

As this energy builds, more people, in all walks of life, are holding more strongly all the time to a positive intention, regardless of what they can or can’t actually do about what’s wrong with the world. Just watching people hold to the vision in their hearts and seeing how it feeds the global intention for a better world gives me faith to hold to my vision! This buzz is snowballing now and people all over the world are waking up and putting energy into the prophesized new beginning after 2012.

What we actually do about our intention doesn’t really matter nearly as much as most think. What matters is that we continue to feed that intention with energy by doing SOMETHING. This brings the power down to Earth, and in one unseen way after another puts all of our personal visions, each of our own individual building blocks for the new world, in place.

So don’t be like me and think too much. Seeing things in a spiritual light corrects our thinking and is slowly transforming everyone and everything around us, lending understanding and peace to more situations all the time. So, trust the power of your intentions and keep on doing whatever seems like the right thing – regardless of your initial realistic hopes for success, because all those unrealistic hopes are going to be rewarded in a greater way than anyone can even imagine today!

Many Blessings!

Hunt Henion

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Discovering Life's Purpose

Looking everywhere for the purpose of life is like pushing on a door that actually opens inward in a very natural way. You can push forever and never open a door that opens inwardly! It’s really sad that many very enlightened people push so hard and finally end up only with glowing generalities about their life's purpose, which often don’t have any particular personal applications.

No spiritual guru, besides the one that resides within, can tell us our soul’s intention. However, the good news is that since it’s between us and our higher selves, we aren’t just objective bystanders trying to discover something objective. In fact, when it comes to ourselves, there really is no “objective” reality!

After pondering Soul’s intention my entire life, what I came up with was that our desires and preferences are about as good an indication of what direction we’re supposed to go in as we can get. If you think about it, the desires we had when we planned our life contract are probably very similar to the ones we feel most strongly today. So, instead of spending so much effort searching for some hidden meaning, maybe we should quit fighting ourselves and just give into our hearts desire.

Still, what about our higher purpose? This is where people get hung up. “I know what I want to do, but I want to know what I’m supposed to do?” I felt that way my entire life until a prelife channeled experience revealed what my higher self wanted for me for this lifetime. It was simple. My higher purpose is to help anchor the rising energy of the earth and those on it, so we can all get through this transition (which lasts from about the time I was born until about 5-6 years from now) as easily as possible.

When I asked how I could do that, the answer was basically to stay happy. When I’m happy, my energy is up and I’m fulfilling my higher purpose. How do I keep my energy up? That's the interesting part -- by trusting my deepest inclinations and doing what I want to do. Doing waht i want to do fulfills my personal purposes and staying in a positive, energetic frame of mind fulfills my higher purpose.

This isn’t a coincidence! Life isn’t the battle between good and evil that most of us were taught. Conflict is real. Still, the solution of killing all the bad guys is obviously an illusion. Learning to rise above dulaity is simply a matter of reconcillation and cooperation.

We all really need to find harmony within ourselves NOW and do our part to help create it within our society every day from now on if we hope manifest the new world we all want. We all know that the ancient Mayans forecasted that this new beginning would start after 2012. However, what many don’t know is that they also described how it would take place.

It’s not just a matter of astronomical alignments. They described this current cycle as a time when communication within ourselves and between all of us would become much better. They knew how this new level of honesty and communication would build the foundation for our new world.

Yet, even though this new foundation is part of our forseeable, natural human cycle, foundations don’t just lay themselves. We all need to learn to listen to our hearts and trust our divine desires.

Once you really accept that you are the originator of your purpose, you stop looking outside yourself for that answer. I’m probably a little lazier now than I used to be, but I think that’s part of the plan too. As we run out of energy to search the world for purpose, we discover that our answers are (as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz put it) “…in our backyard,” and “There’s no place like home!”

Hunt Henion

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Caring, The Cure for Depression

A recent study discovered that the numbers of people on antideprressents has more than doubled in the last nine years: “About 6 percent of people were prescribed an antidepressant in 1996 -- 13 million people. This rose to...27 million people by 2005…”

Any guesses about how many people are on antidepressants this year? Any guesses about how many people would be on them if they could afford, or were more inclined, to seek professional care?

Today, most people see human reactions as either good or bad – constructive, or something to suppress. We all know that there are underlying causes, but there’s no time to think much about that. We have goals and responsibilities. So, we push on pretending we’re more machine than human.

The report goes on to say: “The rise in antidepressant prescriptions also is seen despite a series of public health warnings on use of antidepressant drugs beginning in 2003 after clinical trials showed they increased the risk of suicidal thoughts and behaviors in children and teens.”

So, more people are depressed than ever before, and more people are turning to suicide as their final recourse. Sadly, this trend is most prevalent among children and teens. Is that the legacy we want to be remembered for?

We live in a world of individualists. We each have our own path, and for the most part we’re all walking it alone. Sure, we work and walk along with others, but when one falls by the wayside, we just focus harder on our goals. We have to! We have rent and mortgages – and suicidal kids to take care of.

We’ve all had some great successes! Yet lately, life just isn’t working the way it used to. At some point before antidepressant usage reaches 100% (of those who don’t opt out via suicide), we’re going to have to wake up to the shift back to the old, simpler priorities of really caring about those around us enough to stop what we’re doing and help – or at least show them that they’re not alone.

This may not seem relevant to those of us who are scrambling for survival right now. Everyone has important, personal reasons to keep doing their absolute best to make a way in this world! Still, while we do what we have to do, we also need to learn to shift our priorities and expand our awareness to the needs of others around us. When we do that, others might do the same and for us and we just may be on our way to building the world we all want.

Humans weren’t made to do everything all by themselves. Yet, that’s how we live. Communities break up and scatter as people move on to “better opportunities” elsewhere. Extended families split up, and lately most of our isolated little core families break up too! People grow apart and go their own ways and then need therapy, or at least antidepressants to keep on going.

Isn’t it maybe time to rethink this system? The problem is partly solving itself as kids move back in with their parents after they lose their jobs and/or marriages. Still, others aren’t so lucky and end up under overpasses. These are the humans that the system has used up and spit out, and it’s depressing to live in a world that does that no matter how we’re personally doing!

As we move into the 2012 era of endings and new beginnings, many of us are very aware of what we don’t want in our world anymore. Still, it may seem like a big leap of faith to begin building the foundation of our new world by taking our attention off of our personal priorities and giving it to those around us.

Yet, as we each do what we have to every day, it might be worth investing a little conscious attention on the needs of others. It doesn’t take any time at all to really look into the eyes of the person who’s talking to you. It just takes a minute to really listen and care.

Community is built one conversation and one concern at a time. It’s not really that hard, and reaching out is a proven cure for depression. Besides, those caring conversations may very well end up saving lives – maybe even your own.

Hunt Henion

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Love & Guidance from Mother Earth

When we channeled a few days ago, Rasha tried to reassure me about the future. Unfortunately, I’ve gotten myself in a predicament again where there isn’t anything concrete just around the corner he could point to as a positive development to alleviate my concerns. He ended up reminding me of the “new dimension” that’s developing.

Even though I keep getting glimpses of it and how things will be when we cross over to it with Mother Earth, it still seems like a remote possibility when I come back to my logical mind. In actuality, I can’t dismiss the visions I keep getting about it, but not really knowing why such a thing would happen, keeps throwing me back into a reliance on my human consciousness. Still, that question of why such a thing would happen has been hanging around in my mind for a while now, and yesterday Mother Earth made herself known and felt deeply to help explain it.

I’ve only had a few conscious contacts with that great soul. Usually, when I think of her and wish we could talk, I sense her all over the world scanning and experiencing the emotions of her people. I’m just one – like one ant in a colony of 6.8 Billion! Yet, on several occasions now her focus has found me. We’ll blend a little, and she’ll share images and feelings with me.

Yesterday, she came to answer my discouragement with her great happiness and relief to be so close to the ascension that can save us all! Even as I say that, she reminds me that most will probably not choose to make such a drastic shift. Still, everyone’s lives will be better by the time the shift comes. (I write about how and why in Looking, Seeing & Knowing.”) Still, that’s not the point for today.

Mother Earth came to share her joy and some images to put the state of the world in perspective for me, and I’d like to try to pass some of that on to you. Still, before I share the individual earth images, I want to try to convey the first image of Mother Earth I got, because after it was all over, that’s still the most powerful of them all.

We know that Mother Earth isn’t really a woman, but that’s how she presented herself to me. Her energies coalesced from all over the globe manifesting into a beautiful, energetic, greatly excited and delighted woman in her 30s-40s. Still, as I continue to contemplate the experience a day later, the single prayer that reaches up out of all of my confusion is that my life be guided in harmony with her vision and that I might somehow grow to reflect her great joy.

My first question after seeing her like this was “Why…?”
She planted the image and excitement of the pilgrims venturing out to the new world. She reminded me how I felt after graduating high school and then college. She showed me how I looked and inspiration and infinite hope I felt when I got married the first time. With those great transitions in mind, she showed me an image of the actual event that excites her right now.

First, I saw her showering in a sparkling light that washed away the negativity she carried. This is currently lightening her load each day, and would explain her boundless joy. Still, her joy is for us too. She showed me how people will focus on her sparkling presence after she’s been cleansed of all the negativity she’s taken on over the past 15,000 years or so. I saw how people will focus on the luminous, twinkling new reality and just walk through into to a new world once she had gotten settled and solid again.

I asked how she saw the condition of the world right now. She replied by showing me scenes of largely peaceful civilizations during the last 100 years and comparing them to scenes throughout the last 5000 years when pockets of peace were the exception. Yet, as I pondered the progress we’ve made, she showed me scenes of situations that hurt her heart the most: Cold, calculated cruelty to animals and calloused disregard of the needs of children.

I was impressed by how much these issues bother her. Then, she showed me the progress we’re making in learning to see the true motives of our leaders. Mass realization of how public opinion has been manipulated will undoubtedly cause chaos before too long. Still, purging that popular illusion will be like untying a huge weight from the consciousness of the world’s people, so we can rise like balloons above all the troubles we’ve known for so long.

Many images of progress of the grand plan floated through my mind as the beautiful and deeply encouraging presence of Mother Earth looked on. I hope I’ve shared the ones that best describe the general situation we all face moving into and through the “ending times” of 2012. Still, each of our relationships to life and the earth is a personal one, and a personal understanding simply has to involve a personal experience.

Mother Earth wants me to assure you that such a personal experience is as easy as walking on the ground with awareness of the life that courses under our feet. Seeing what she sees is as simple as looking into the eyes of those around us with love and acceptance. We are in the midst of a tremendously exciting shift that we may never intellectually understand. Still, a working understanding of the miracle of ascension is as easy as giving or accepting a hug with an open heart.

This great smiling soul ended with this instruction for all of us: “Work on it.”
Pass the word: It’s time to take shelter in our heart.

Many Blessings and hugs,


Previous messages from Mother Earth here.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Life Choices & Changes

Danna sat down to start to go into a trance so she could channel, and instantly a powerful, chuckling voice boomed, “Hello Hunt!”

I said, “Okay. Last time you seemed a little more enthusiastic and energetic than usual, and this time you definitely are. What’s going on?”

A while back, we introduced Rasha as a holy man who lived thousands of years ago in the lower Himalayas. It seems that although he was a previous incarnation of Billy, Danna’s brother, Billy had actually split off to go another direction. A couple months ago, I had a vision of Billy saying goodbye to Danna, saying that she doesn’t need him anymore and he had other places to go. I asked about that in channeling, and Billy confirmed that what I had seen had actually occurred, but then I didn’t get any more info on it. Anyway, that’s all background to help you understand Rasha’s response: “Billy has moved on and is preparing to get reborn.”

Rasha reassured me that he wasn’t ever going to be reborn into a place where we couldn't continue to contact him. Then, we went into the other issues like Danna’s changing life contract.

About a month ago, she was diagnosed with a large malignant, inoperable brain tumor. The surgeon who did the biopsy originally gave her three months to two years. However, instantly some strange things started happening.

My daughter made a call about Danna to my son in NC, while she was in Missoula. The strange thing is tho that the phone she made that call from was with Danna and me -- 4+ hours away from where my daughter was at the time of the call.

Noel doesn’t remember making that call. Still, my son’s answering machine recorded it and he could hear me talking in the background. The whole thing was very siginificant but totally impossible to explain in normal 3D reality terms! Still, we have proof of this strangeness since the answering machine recorded it and showed where it came from.

However, that was just one of the strange occurances around Danna's new health issue. When Rasha was trying to convince me to meditate more, he used Danna’s first doctor as an example. He said, “Dr James prays everyday before going to work. That’s why he knew what to check out when Danna came in.”

When I told Danna this, she told me that Dr James had told her he had tried to call her before she came in. He tried to call our house and her daughter’s house, and didn’t get an answer either place. However, that's also really strange because both of us were home at the time. Also, her daughter has an answering machine, and we had voice mail at the time that was always on when we didn't pick up the phone.

Danna did go in the next day though, so the doctor ran the CAT scan and immediately begin treatment. However, it seems that he didn’t get through when he called because she needed to go through the experience just the way it happened in order (as Rasha put it), “to prepare her for her new life and for the new world. Danna has a new contract with life now.” Right after Rasha said that, he smiled and told me about all the guides and loved ones who were cheering and agreeing with him.

Rasha brought up the “New World,” calling it a “new dimension” at least once, reinforcing my hope for a permanent way out of some really irritating 3D issues. However, he also spoke directly about our challenges enough to make the point that we’re not going to be able to just sit down and wait for the new world to save us from life.

It is coming! Still, we need to make that new world come! We need to push on, even when it’s no fun any more -- in order to help the birth of faith and love in this world. Then, we’ll all enjoy a peace beyond our wildest hopes and other renewing rewards we all need so badly.

I guess that’s enough on that, but a BIG Thank you to all those who’ve sent prayers of support! Danna’s decision to stick around has been a direct result of her new realization of the love you’ve helped show her.

The Gift of New Sight

That’s actually the title of a Chapter in my book “Looking, Seeing & Knowing,” but today I’m using it to refer to hard evidence on exactly how our bodies are adapting to accommodate this new sight – which is making our shift to the new world possible.

I recently came across an article describing how crystals are forming on our pineal glands. Science calls this Biomineralization, and they think it’s a problem. Here are a few links to articles on that:
The bottom line on this development tho is that it’s not the problem science thinks it to be. “The crystals found on our pineal glands lately were first planted in our ethereal bodies as seed possibilities when our Mother Earth first asked to be let out of her 3D existence during the 1950s.”

The more the crystals grow, the more multidimensional our experience of life becomes. Telecommunication becomes easier and more reliable for instance. Also, the more we choose to use these new abilities, the more that builds up the crystal that allows us to see more clearly and know more for certain than we ever have before -- just in time for our new beginning after 2012!

Hunt Henion
author of Looking, Seeing & Knowing

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Intention - the New Gravity

I went to a conference this last weekend, and I found one speaker especially interesting. Wayne Peterson is the author of Extraordinary Times, Extraordinary Beings: Experiences of an American Diplomat with Maitreya and the Masters of Wisdom. However, last weekend he was discussing the seven rays that define a person’s basic approach to life. In the process of that discussion, he slipped in a little info about our world’s cycles.

He said we’ve just completed a 500 year cycle, and a 5000 year. Yet what was most interesting to me is that he said that we’re two years into the seven year transition to our new beginning. That puts this new beginning in 2014 instead of 2012, which is what we’ve been saying all along, so I went up to talk to him afterwards. I quickly discovered that our visions were identical. He spoke briefly about the economic destruction in the West and the physical catastrophes in the East that he saw coming. He made a bunch of other generalities that I don’t even recall anymore.

I wasn’t prepared for him to be so open so completely about exactly what he saw in way of total destruction before the new beginning. What he said sounded analogous to an announcement to move slowly and calmly to the exits. “Don’t push and don’t panic.”

I wished I could have taken notes. Still, it seemed obvious that the info he quickly flew through was for confimation of our common vision and not for passing on to the general public. Discussions of destruction tend to be mind-numbing; and what we need now are as many functioning minds as possible.

So, I’m not going to go into the negative side of what we see either right now. Let’s just jump to the bottom line of the Big Picture: Now is the time to clean up our lives. There’s no need to do the anguishing, soul searching where you beat yourself up for not knowing your life’s purpose. A lot of enlightened people seem to go there instead of taking a more constructive direction.

Bottom line again: Maybe it’s time to do what you love and try to love everything you do. Focus on your love for others and go out of your way for them. Sometimes, that just means remaining silent and refocusing our thoughts on the highest good of all concerned.

Since the old cycles are already complete, the natural order is that the time to explore how many ways we can do things wrong has past. That 500 year and 5000 year cycle has been a good learning experience, but it’s time to move on! It’s time to prepare for the new beginning by filling ourselves with love, peace and concern for the greater good.

Still, time isn’t the issue, and making it one takes us in the wrong direction. Intention is the ONLY issue anymore. So, we’re supposed to try to do what’s right without don’t worry about getting it wrong. Learning about the power of Intention is the new reality we’re all moving into. It’s the new law of gravity!

If that sounds too illusive, and you want to know exactly what you’re supposed to do, here it is: We’re all supposed to do exactly what we have been doing, but with more love and trust.

Hunt Henion

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Protection from Solar Max (more than just sunscreen needed)

Bottom line first: Weird weather and increasingly forceful winds are resulting from the increase in solar activity lately. Protection of our homes will probably become an issue at some point. However, the all-encompassing point here is that we need to learn to harmonize with Mother Earth, so we can create a peaceful place for ourselves and loved ones.

Rasha told us in channeling years ago that we needed to put crystals in all the corners of our home, and around it outside. We then envisioned circles of protection radiating from the crystals. We'll cleanse the ones in the house with water occasionally, and cleanse and empower them all regularly with our visualizations.

That’s step one. Visualizing the home as a part of the body of Mother Earth and regularly filling both with all the love we can is step two. Making sure we’re balanced and connected to the Earth and our source is step three, and I’m going to close with an excerpt from “Looking, Seeing & Knowing,” that summarizes how to do that. However first, a quick word about the cause of the big winds, which are going to only become more noticeable and troublesome as time goes on -- for the next ten years or so.

Worse than Wind

Rasha said that the solar activity that causes the big winds and all the increasingly weird weather around the world is the real danger. He says it’ll start knocking out communications fairly soon, and it’ll eventually fry electronic media. He said that it’s already starting to cause electronic interference with TVs, radios and wireless phones. According to Rasha, cell phones and wireless phones will start shocking people a little on occasion too.

The BIG Picture is that the charged solar winds hit the Earth’s magnetic field and cause all sort of problems including the big winds, weird weather and electronic interference, which could play havoc with most of our modern systems. The interesting thing here is that the Earth is not the only body that has magnetic fields.

Each of us has a similar field around our bodies. When the earth’s magnetic field drops, our fields tend to drop. With the loss of some of our magnetism, we also lose some of our mental acuity. The magnetic field around our body and our mental faculties have also been proven to become lower during times of extreme stress. Anger, fear etc., lowers our magnetic field of protection.

On the other hand, it’s also been demonstrated that feelings of faith and happiness empowers our magnetic field. Positive feelings actually strength us, makes us smarter and more capable of dealing with whatever we have to deal with, AND it feeds the magnetic field of the Earth. The earth is connected to us just as we're connected to her.

We’ve all heard that Mother Earth needs our love. That doesn’t just mean “give a hoot and don’t pollute.” The happier and better balanced (emotionally and magnetically) we are, the more we help Mother Earth stay balanced. Or, from a more personal point of view: the happier and better balanced the people on Earth are, the less the solar storms are going to affect the Earth and everyone on it.

Lessons in Harmony (taken from Looking Seeing & Knowing)

“…here is a five step program to help you shift your awareness so you can be better aware of the shift and stay in harmony with it:

1. Spend as much time as possible outside. Try to relate to all you see in nature and all you know that’s below the surface. Declare yourself part of It. When we’re inside, our own creations take over our consciousness. These inside involvements and creations may comprise our individual path in life. However, they need to be put in their place if we hope to secure our niche in Nature as she lightens her load in preparation for ascension.

2. Avoid opinions and judgments. We all want things to be as easy and comfortable as possible, and we all think we know how that should happen. However, Mother Earth is running this show, and she has her own agenda. Trust the unseen order and know that Mother knows best. Work on detachment from preferences especially from self-indulgent activities. Rest is a priority that Nature understands, but when we’re expected to give up our plans, we need to give them up freely, trusting the Earth and the Universe to provide all that’s really necessary.

Also, try to see life from the viewpoint of the family, friends and foes around you. Those who are cemented into one viewpoint won’t be prepared to offer the love and understanding to others which a unity consciousness demands. Nor will they be prepared to let go of their known world and accept the coming massive changes.

3. Simplify. Spend time and attention on those with whom you feel the strongest bonds. Simplify your thoughts about these people –forget their faults and focus on the love. Simplify your activities, spending all the time you can with those you love and doing things which bring you closer to the Earth. Eat simpler. Be simpler.

4. Gratitude. If the only prayer you said in your whole life was, “Thank you,” that would suffice. Meister Eckart

Gratitude can make you happy and flexible and, incidentally, help you catch the ascension bus when it comes along. Work on cultivating a feeling of constant gratitude for the infinite blessings of Nature, no matter what is happening in your outer life. Express this gratitude whenever possible, and hold all complaints until your silence extinguishes them.

5. Expect to be the person you’ve always wanted to be. Just as we prepare to give up our personal comforts and preferences, we need to give up all we think we know about our limitations. The whole world is changing, and we ARE changing with it.

Now go back to Number One and review the program. Promise yourself and Mother Nature to spend at least a little time each day outside where you’ll surrender your priorities to her higher purpose. While you’re out there, reexamine your commitments with a focus on your bond to your loved ones and Mother Earth. Let your attention to those things in life that belittle you fall away as you gather yourself around the simple things, which really matter.

Feel gratitude and express thanks in every way you can for your ability to stand in Nature and to stand in your truth. Know that this is who you are as an individual and as part of the ascending Earth. Let love and gratitude fill your thoughts and feelings.

Rasha’s quick answer for a busy world where dropping magnetism may make remembering even five steps too difficult, was to “Live in the heart chakra,” (the heart of the heart) and always “come from a place of love.”
What we feel is what we are. Feel love and get to where you feel and know nature. Feel simple, and simply feel gratitude for the beauty of nature and developing new order.

Blessings and hugs,


Offering Insight through unique perspectives

author of
"The BIG Fake-out, the illusion of limits"
"The Don Q Point of View," and
"Looking, Seeing, & Knowing."

Friday, June 5, 2009

Praying, Pondering, & Channeling

When I was a little boy of nine years old, I started praying very sincerely after my father died. I asked why he had to die, and over the next year or so, I ending up asking why everything else in the universe happened. If I didn’t immediately get answers, I’d have them when I woke up in the morning.

One day, I wondered what God looked like, and like all of the rest of my questions, I got an answer. I saw him as a stocky, dark haired man with a short dark beard. About a dozen years later, I happened to find a picture of this man. I thought I was praying to God all that time, but the picture said it was of an ancient Tibetan master by the name of Rebazar Tarz.

Over the years (decades), I began to question that experience, but when I met and married a woman who channels, I asked in channeling if that person I prayed to was really Rebazar. Rasha confirmed that he was. He added that this Tibetan master still checks in on me now and then.

My question is this: Do we really know who we’re talking to when we pray or ponder? We assume we’re talking to God or ourselves. Still, do you really know who that voice in your head is? Most everyone assumes they know the answer to that. Some say with conviction that they go "right to the source" and pray to God. Others are proud of their own intuition.

We all have to assume we know what’s going on or we’d go a little crazy. Still, I’d venture to say that no matter what we think, we don’t really know what’s actually happening most of the time. We can’t usually figure out why this world works the way it does let alone whose helping us when we think we’re pondering or praying all by ourselves.

Hunt Henion

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Channeling - a matter of consciousness

Someone wrote a very nice note to me today explaining why the channeling we do is totally invalid. Her point was that direct intuitive knowledge is the only reliable divination technique. After writing her a rather lengthy reply about why channeling , and our channeling in particular can be valid, I decided to post it here, so that WHEN I get a similar challenge, I'll be able just direct them here without breaking my pace.

Her point was that direct intuitive knowledge is the only reliable divination technique. After writing her a rather lengthy reply about why channeling , and our channeling in particular can be valid, I decided to post it here, because i didn't really think I'd be facing these challenges from this group.

Anyway, here's my reply to her (cleaned up a little):

A lot of people feel the same way you do about channeling. And I know there's a lot of schlock out there that was supposedly channeled. It all comes down to personal consciousness. Just as some people are wiser than others, some attract wiser and more cooperative entities than others.

Many years ago, I tried using a Ouija board. I could tell that the first entity who came through had nothing important or serious to say, so I just dismissed him/her and asked for someone with a better message. My wife has a system of protection that she always puts up. She tells others about this too, and i suppose it's necessary, but I've never had the need. I can just tell if the entity has anything of importance for me. I can feel the love and good intentions - or not.

Anyway, I sincerely believe that channeling can be a useful tool, especially the way we do it! Danna channels her brother, whom she greatly loves. He was also a holy man in a previous lifetime, and I've started using that name, Rasha, instead of Billy, 'cause that seems to impress more people. She's also channeled an entity we both have a lot of history with. He gave me a series of lessons on how to get back to nature. She's also channeled a being who said his name was Othello, and that he was "the reader of the stars." Turns out he's a navigator for the Ashtar Command, and he has the highest energy either of us has ever been exposed to.

Besides, direct experience is not without it's pitfalls. People are comfortable with it because they trust their own perceptions and conclusions. However, that can be a big mistake, especially when people have to make leaps of faith to get past their natural mental censors of such info. Often they'll assume a depth and knowledge that's really beyond their experience. I've had lots of direct experiences, and Billy/Rahsa has had to correct the details many times.

Direct experience told me I had an affinity with Moses. Someone else might have jumped to the conclusion that they were Moses. Or a malicious entity may have confirmed it for them in channeling just to sit back and watch the fun. As it was, Billy told me I was his scribe, and together we worked out some of the details from that experience. I had memories, and he put a fine point on them.

The same thing happened with Dante. I said that whenever I read Dante or thought about the man, it felt really familar. Someone else might have taken that direct experinece and closeness with Dante and jumped to the conclusion that they were him in that past life. As it turns out I was Dante's grandfather. That info opened me up to other memories and issues that relate to other past lives - which Billy confirmed.

It's not that channeling is unreliable. Consciousness in this world is unreliable. If someone has a direct experience or memory or a channeled message, it can simply be be wrong because it has to filter through our human consciousness.

I've come to a very comfortable understanding about what I'm doing, and there are lots of checks and balances. I'll do conventional research, run it by my own intuition and contemplate it. Then I'll make a list of questions to ask in channeling.

When I ask specific questions in channeling, the answers are very clear, and I believe they have a very good chance of being correct. A very common sense picture of the issue in question always develops by the time I go through this process.

When I ask vague questions or personal questions like what am I supposed to do, or what's my purpose, I'm told to ask my own guides. I'll run all i get in channeling by my own guides anyway. The process begins and ends with a personal contemplation, and then I'll present the big picture back to Billy/Rasha in channeling.

Usually, he'll agree, but he might make minor corrections to some of the facts. I end up feeling very comfortable that I've gotten to the bottom of the researched subject. However, because channeling is subject to a consciousness that can screen and verify the facts given, and because many out there who are capable of a trance aren't capable of a high degree of digression, channeling has gotten a bad name.

It's too bad too. On the other hand, we all sacrificed a tremendous amount of awareness when we came into this world. I'm sure putting up walls to that awareness now that we're here is also part of that natural mechanism. Illusion is the name of the game in the 3D world, and just because truth is available doesn't mean it's always desirable. Still, when it is, I don't think we should entirely rule out channeling.



Monday, May 18, 2009

Awareness of a Better Way and a New Day

Normally the best mannered people in the world, the British, were rioting a while back because of surveillance infringements on their personal lives. Today, their fighting mad about of some MPs who padded their expense accounts.

The Queen is reportedly “deeply troubled” over this too. Still, I have to wonder if she’s more concerned about the corruption or the fact that it’s becoming discovered by the public.

It seems to me that what’s happening all over the world is that the more people become aware of government corruption, the more government officials try to get their share of the ill-gotten gains before the party’s over. The smart thing might be to lie low for a while, but their instinct of is to get what they can while they can. So the tensions build, and the established foundations of societies all over the world are undermined – by their own greed and avarice, so that when they tumble and crumble, no one will mourn their loss.

Yet, this is just one reason for the current chaos around the world. The other problem speaks more directly to the issue of people not realizing we’re all one. For instance, the Hindus and Buddhists that coexisted happily thousands of years ago in Sri Lanka have been butchering each other so badly lately that the government can’t even maintain their positive spins anymore. So, they kicked out all foreign media.

The process I see going on in the world today is that we’re all being disinfranchised of our old roles in order to become more receptive to new ones as we approach 2012 and the promised new world. People are being laid off their jobs and are left wondering who they are and what they’re supposed to do now. Every position of power is being threatened and people are fightning to secure their place in the scheme of things.

This scheming and fighting causes tensions to escalate even more. Even while most seem to be expecting a solid recovery any time now, the old order continues to collapse. It’s being undermined by awareness of a better way and the dawning of a new day.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Since I still only have a handful of readers on this blog, this might be a good time to divulge some secrets that have been weighing heavily on me. Like most of my blogs, I’m not sending this to my list or posting it anywhere else. Those who need to see it will just have to find it.

The first secret is that many of those destructive predictions that were made decades ago are still in the works. I’ve asked Billy in channeling repeatedly about this, and the answer is always the same. In particular, there will be a series of coastal events coming, along the lines that Gordon-Michael Scallion and Lori Toye and others predicted so long ago.

There was also a lot of talk (and disinformation) for a few years (about a decade ago) about Planet X flying by and shaking things up. Billy has also confirmed that this is still in the works. Actually, I go on record in my last book, Looking, Seeing, and Knowing, as predicting it should probably be making its flyby around February 2014 after something else major (maybe a pole shift) happens about six months earlier.

Another secret is that I have a daughter who has a direct connection with someone who’s not of this world. He’s not a guide, so his answers aren’t always cushioned or careful. Anyway, we were driving yesterday, and I started discussing the future with her when she went silent. After a few minutes she said that the coastal inundations will probably happen in a few years.

Schedules can change. Magnitudes of destruction can change, and everything can change for an individual, depending on how well you’re tuned into your guidance and how well you come into harmony with life and the Earth. However, Billy has confirmed over and over that all these major earth changes are still in our near future, and part of the 2012 transformation (which happens on the inner planes before manifesting in our world. Hence, many of the events will take place after 2012).

There are those who warn that the end is near. Actually, Paul started that over 2000 years ago, so that message has lost some of its impact – luckily. However, Billy never brings up the impending danger unless I ask, and I know of a popular spirit guide who has outright denied that these things are in our future. He must see and know just like Billy, but his audience, like most of the population, is largely trapped by fear. Also, knowledge of paradigm shifting destruction is almost impossible to deal with constructively.

Although I get visions of the new world after the destruction more clearly every day, the transition views are always hazy. I know what’s coming, and still I plan my future and live every day as if things will keep going as they have forever. My kids and I also talk about their lives as if all of today’s institutions will be unchanged when they’re ready for college and the workplace.

This feels really strange, but it’s all we can do. It’s what we’re supposed to do! Our expectations are building the new world even as the old one crumbles around us.

Besides getting all this off my chest, I am writing for another purpose. I wrote about Intention and Expectation in my blog yesterday. I wrote about living consciously and harmoniously…. A lot of people are doing the same. I only bring this up because although we need to keep living our lives as if nothing unusual is going to happen in the next few years, the fact is that things are in the process of changing drastically. If ever there was a time to shift your awareness to the spiritual side of life, this would be it!

Hunt Henion

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Intent & Expectations

I’ve been contemplating my April 27th blog, and have come up with some interesting conclusions: First of all, I don’t believe that our efforts generally work for the reasons we think. And without diminishing our personal power over our lives and the world, it’s really a drop in the bucket compared to the will of The One of we’re all a part. It’s also miniscule compared to the angels and ET’s who help us manifest our intentions.

With that perspective, let’s talk about the power of our intents and expectations. Dean Radin’s book, Entangled Minds: Extrasensory Experiences in a Quantum Reality discusses how the future changes slightly each time we looked at it but more importantly, each time our expectations change. It seems that when a certain outcome is desired, the future drifts a little toward fulfilling that desire -- or denying that desire if fear of not getting it is the overpowering force.

I discuss how everyone’s expectations are polarizing right now and how that is going to manifest two completely separate realities (so everyone is happy) in my newest book, Looking, Seeing and Knowing. What I describe may sound far-fetched, but it is the logical outcome to what people claim is the power of prayer, meditation, affirmations, mindset/positive expectations, or magic – which isn’t nearly as dead as most tend to believe. But what do you think?

Let’s chat! Kimmie Rose Zaph of CBS Psychic Radio has started a forum to discuss my writing and ideas. You can join the discussion or start a new discussion by going here.

You can comment on this blog AND go to Kimmie’s site to discuss whatever you want!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Nature of Human Nature

I told a story in yesterday’s blog of a past life in which I killed a man who had wronged me. Justice and injustice came swiftly in those days before a formal legal system developed. Times were simpler and people were generally much more aware of the potentially high cost of cheating or stealing. Since they constantly lived with the awareness that serious bodily injury or worse could result if they didn’t follow the golden rule, people were generally more considerate – or they led carelessly short lives.

Today, humanity is struggling through an awkward growing phase where we don’t have law and order even though we have laws. Roughly 7% of the US population is serving time behind bars at any one time, but criminals are protected from the retribution of their victims. That’s civilization as we know it, and sometimes, usually when I’m really mad, I wish there was a better way.

However, being really mad is what traps us into a scenario with only two choices: Either we follow the rules and try to act like civilized humans, or we take the law into our own hands. Still, the days when you could do that without fear of third party retribution are over. Now, there’s no other choice but to evolve.

Learning to evolve beyond the control of our tempers is the test that’s growing more imperative every day as tempers rise in every civilized society around the world. When I left my isolated little dome in the woods to travel to Seattle a couple weeks ago, I literally couldn’t even think because of all the tension in the air.

Along with increased tension comes an increase in civil unrest. Personally, I expect the isolated riots we’re seeing in this country and around the world to spread this summer as injustices reach the boiling point and people everywhere face their age-old demons of ego and anger, which most people have come to accept as just part of our human nature.

We've seen human nature remain fairly constant for all of recorded history. However, what isn’t seen is how far it’s drifted away from our divine, natural path. Ever since we made that tower to human ego 5000 years ago in Babylon, people have acted more and more selfishly.

However, as we approach the end of an era with 2012 just around the corner, it’s now clear that our experiment with furthering our self interest with anger and every tool at our disposal at the expense of others hasn’t yielded the desired results. Every major social and economic system in place is falling apart. If it doesn’t look that way to you now, just wait until the end of summer.

Maybe our 5000+ year experiment with selfishness was a good and needed experience. Still, the virtues of the alternative will become obvious before too long – because the old economic and social systems that were built by ego are toppling under their own weight! Soon the rubble of this failed experiment will be scattered about for all to see.

In the meantime, many are rediscovering their true, loving nature. Before long, I’ll bet we’ll be looking back at this time, and our experience with what we now think of as our baseline “human nature,” and realize it was all just the learning process of an awkward adolescence.

Monday, May 11, 2009

The Source of Karma

I sold my business many years ago to a man who kept my wife on as an employee until he squeezed every possible concession out me. Then, he fired my wife. It was a horrible experience, which I contemplated until discovered a past life with him. He was just as devious and unscrupulous hundreds of years ago. However back then, people handled their own affairs rather than relying on attorneys.

In that previous life, I killed him, took his possessions, and no one blamed me. Still, as I the pondered how this present life must be payback for that past one, a message came to me: “The problem isn’t that you killed him in the past. It’s that you want to do it again now.”

I didn’t think that was a problem as long as I restrained myself. However, that’s when I learned that karma doesn’t work that way. It’s the attitudes we carry with us that determine our future, not our past actions. Actions build attitudes, but our whole linear dualistic thinking about the justification of punishments for crimes is childishly innocent in the real world.

Actions are just motion in a dream world. Thoughts and attitudes, which most people think of as existing only in their own private world, aren’t private at all. They touch others and change our world in ways we can’t imagine. So, the invisible is what really matters, and the visible, which is what most people think matters most, is mostly just dead images, smoke and mirrors.

We all work with exterior circumstances and people, and we tend to think our exterior goals are the only ones. Still, successes pale and failures disappear when we realize that all we see in this world are just tools, and that we are all but actors trying out various roles and attitudes -- until we find one that really works.