Saturday, November 28, 2009

2012, part 6 - Ascension "Like Christmas everyday, but better!"

Since you're still reading these blogs after my explanation about how "the earth will split" and how people will be divided into camps, (the most controversial part of our predictions), maybe you're ready to think seriously about how the ascension will unfold. The most common concern people tell us about has to do with wondering how they and their loved ones can all transition to the new world at the same time. This boils down to a more basic question:

Q. Will ascension occur gradually or in an instant?

A. Both - The moment that you follow the glowing, sparkling light to a place where the feeling of love and wellbeing is permanent, you will have ascended. However, this moment will not come for everyone at the same time.

Most people who ascend will then go back to the old world to tell loved ones of the experience and try to get them to come back with them. This process can begin when the Schulman Resonance Frequency of the earth has stabilized at 13, and it'll occur until the vibration of the earth stabilizes at 21 on that scale. At that point, "the door will close," as Rasha put it.

When the two camps are permanently separated, the 3-D world will continue without the irritating dissension of those who moved on, and those in that 5th dimension now will be so happily resolved to their new life that it'll be fairly easy after a while to accept the decision of others to reamin in the 3 D world.

Try to imagine how you'll feel when you come into the full realization of your dream of abundance. Imagine the sensation of growing in openness everyday until you come into a total acceptance of yourself and others. Life will be effortless and joyful as desires quickly manifest the object of your desire and quickly attract people who will enrich your life. The loving desire to give to others will be contagious. I'll be like Christmas everyday - but better!

The ascended earth will actually be beyond duality, so that all your efforts will be constructive as everyone works together in love and harmony. However, many people aren't ready for that. They have a more circular expectation of life, linking destruction to their constructive efforts. They have life contracts on a 3D Earth and just aren't ready to wind them up any time soon.

Still, the price of remaining on the 3D world is ignorance that won't feel very blissful during this transition. For instance, people on the dualistic world will be desperately trying to figure out where the missing people went. There will be a lot of children who ascend without parents. The parents will be putting up posters all over trying to locate their missing kids. Many kids will come back to explain it, but the parent's won't believe them. They can't! Then when the child disappears again, the confusion and upset will be multiplied.

Many other things will happen, but much of that story still remains to be written. In this series of six blogs on 2012, I've tried to cover what I think is the most relevant information presented to us through channeling -- and through personal research that was then confirmed in channeling. It came out slowly over a three year period and is covered in more detail in the last half of my book, "Looking, Seeing & Knowing."

Still, what will actually occur remains to be seen and chronicled. Those who have journaled know how that helps clarify your thoughts. Recording them also allows you to build one thought and memory on top of another.

All three of my books started out as a personal record of life as I see it. One big change in the new world will be the recognition of yourself as the ultimate authority on your life. Your instinct will be to research your own thoughts and experiences rather than looking for an expert outside yourself. However, before you can refer to your own personal bible, you need to write it.

That's why I'm ending this series of messages on 2012 with the recommendation that YOU start a journal of your own experiences and thoughts TODAY - for yourself and for posterity!

Those who ascend and have their lives extended by hundreds of years will especially want journaled reminders of their stories, so they never run out of true adventures to tell the kids who will be crowding around you under the trees to listen.

Many Blessings,


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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

2012 Part 5 - What WILL Happen as our Worlds Unwind

In part 4 of this series of 2012 messages, I reported what we've been told will NOT happen. I'm going to tell you what we believe WILL HAPPEN in the next few years, but first a little background:

For the last 11,500 years, the magnetic field of the Sun has been winding up around itself (due to the pull of the planets) to a breaking point in a way that has manifested in the last few years as a conspicuous absence of sun spots. Meanwhile, the winding up of the human experience, as exemplified as the attempt to make life appear linear and separate from all of God's other creatures, has been occurring for maybe ten times that long. (See message #2 in this series that describes steps taken to initiate this separation back on Lemuria.) Soon, our sun will throw off its magnetic field, disrupting the earth's magnetism in the process, and trigger the unwinding of all of our carefully constructed illusion -- But that's a good thing!

Since the beginning of human history, we have twisted the universal laws of unity, lowering our vibrations on many occasions, so we could see things the way we wanted to more easily. Yet, the more we've tried to iron out reality onto our 3D linear plane, the more we have actually twisted natural reality (God's reality)! That was our right, and it served a purpose. However, our vibrations are rising again now, and the reality we've all come to know is beginning to unwind.

We're beginning to see the unity of all things and our connection with others more clearly. Events are beginning to catalyze this process. The sun throwing off its magnetic field and causing a profound quiet (and panic by others) here on earth when all of our magnetic media is erased will be the next big step in this catalyzing process.

Q: What else will happen?

A: Only what needs to happen!

What we each need is different. Personally, I really believe the changes around 2012 will come to be known as the pivotal time when everyone created the life they wanted. We may be making different choices, but all of our vibrations are rising. Some misguided souls may have their hands tied right now (I explain this in the last blog about things that will not be allowed to happen.) However, everyone will be maturing quickly in the days ahead, and our guidance will be getting stronger and clearer all the time.

As for the specific dangers and miracles that lie ahead, the Hopi have said that the land under those who are in harmony with Mother Earth will "rise like plateaus." Edgar Casey has said that people will influence their immediate environment so that their surroundings will respond to their needs. Many seemingly miraculous things will be noticed in the coming years as we all quickly outgrow the belief that things happen for random reasons in a chaotic universe.

For those who want to know what exactly will happen, Rasha has confirmed in channeling that "Planet X" will fly by about the same time as we experience a 180 degree magnetic pole reversal and about a 20 degree crustal shift. Perhaps plante X will be the catalyst for the polar shift. Rasha's guess at the magnitude of this shift (which I reported in "Looking, Seeing & Knowing") coincides closely with Drunvalo's recent relaying of the living Mayan authorities' prediction of the same magnetic pole reversal and a 16 degree crustal shift.

Rasha has said that a black void of about 25-30 hours may accompany this shift (also tentatively confirming Drunvalo's Mayan prediction. He has also said that he sees the future earth changes playing out pretty much the way Gordon Michael Scallion describes. Rasha has also confirmed Scallion's future map of the world map as very accurate.

Still, everyone's experience is going to be a little different. We're all learning to accommodate our multidimensional selves and integrate our many dimensions into this physical world. So, our experiences are going to be increasingly multifaceted. We're also going to have more access to our higher nature and abilities. Trust them!

Incidentally, since magnetic media will be going down, the only records of this amazing time in history will be the physically written ones. So, this might be a great time to start a journal to chronicle what you observe and feel about the changing world around you. Then, maybe someday those who were fortunate enough to go through this transition might want to tell their children,grandchildren, and communities their stories -- thus anchoring the new world in authentic accounts of its roots.

Many Blessings and hugs,


For more information on exactly how our sun operates as an magnetic generator and how that will impact us in the near future see For more info on how this works exactly see Patrick Geryl's books, including "The Orion Prophecy, " and "How to survive 2012."

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Renewal of 2012, Part IV – What’s NOT Going to Happen

NO “Kill Shot”

I asked Rasha in a channeling session if the visions of the Ed Dames remote viewers were correct in seeing the Earth receive a “kill shot” from the sun around 2012. He said, he didn’t see anything like that. He said that the sun will blow off its magnetic field (that’s been building for about 11,500 years) on schedule, but that any potentially fatal CME will be directed away from the earth. However, he smiled as he told how that event will erase all magnetic media here on Earth, removing the strangle hold that the PTBs have over us and giving the new, budding humanitarian systems a chance to flourish.

NO Ice Age

I asked about the scenario of volcanoes going off all over the world and how that could throw up ash high enough into the air that it would remain in orbit for 40 years and cause another ice age. He confirmed that a lot of volcanoes are going to erupt and that the ash in the air will be a serious concern, but that there won’t be another ice age.

Years ago, one of the first things he told me was that the ice age, that some were predicting, wouldn’t happen. Instead, after all the earth changes, we’d be left with a semi-tropical world. However, I just now (three years later) discovered why that’s going to happen!

Trying to get to the bottom of it, I asked if maybe our ET brothers would help dispel all that ash and thus avert the ice age disaster for us. He said, “No.” However (and here’s the good part), he said that we won’t need any help from any outsiders because humans around the world would be removing all that ash from the air themselves using spiritual means.

This may seem fairly far-fetched. However, a few years ago, Drunvalo had a team who would go around to cities and remove the smog from the air using spiritual means. So, it can be done, and evidently people all over the world are going to clear the air with their loving thoughts, cleansing energy, and hopeful, trusting expectations.

NO ET Rescue

I had to ask if ETs would be moving a lot of the earth’s population off-world until all the earth changes are over – because so many people have written in suggesting that that’s a good possibility. Rasha said that’s not going to happen. The coming changes aren’t just unfortunate events resulting from the purification of Mother Earth. They are tests that divide people into the two camps I wrote about in part III of this series. Also, dramatic earth changes are necessary to provide all those who can’t commit to one of the two camps with another option for a new life.

ET Intervention

However, during this time of transition, we have a tremendous amount of support from ascended masters, our guides and friendly ETs. So, there’ll be

NO Atomic annihilation, NO Pandemic, and NO mass population reduction via vaccination or from any other Man-made scheme

Rasha has confirmed on many occasions that the ET’s aren’t allowing atomic bombs to detonate. Mother Earth needs the rest from that, and we need that buffer from our controlling and ruthless rulers.

Similarly, the ET’s have nullified the dangerous potential in man-made viruses and vaccines that are intended for mass distribution. This has happened with all the conveniently predicted pandemics and many other cases that no one ever hers about.

This leaves us with Nature and the divine plan. I wrote about what I believe that is and how I see it playing out in “Looking, Seeing & Knowing.” However, it may be enough to know that all the above predicted disasters will never manifest.

We are greatly loved and tremendously protected! Those who’ve historically had all kinds of power over us are themselves being controlled (at least restrained) by our space brothers. The social, economic and earth changes that need to manifest, for a variety of reasons, are challenging enough without the selfish few making a good life and spiritual prosperity impossible – So the real danger of that threat is being removed.

What lies ahead is entirely positive! Our human consciousness may need a little tweaking to make us more harmonious with the developing divine plan. However, we’re surrounded with guidance and inspiration just waiting to be applied!

NO Catastrophe

After every tsunami, there are always stories about how the wild animals moved to higher ground just before the catastrophe. So, for those animals that listened and followed their inner voice, there was NO catastrophe.

Priorities need to be sorted out. Choices remain to be made. Life is going to be giving us plenty of challenging opportunities in the coming years to help us discover our “gut reactions” and fine tune our commitments.

Still, it’s all good. Coming events, no matter how initially disturbing, are all paving the way to our new beginning by purifying us and our world.

During these times of change around 2012, don’t let the illusion or threat of catastrophe capture your attention. Don let worry handicap you. Remaining positive reveals ways we can help each other and ourselves. It also has an amazing capacity for multiplying creative inspiration among all involved -- as we all find our way through the transitional maze into the bright new world, which is just around the corner now.

Many Bessings,


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