Thursday, July 30, 2009

Life Choices & Changes

Danna sat down to start to go into a trance so she could channel, and instantly a powerful, chuckling voice boomed, “Hello Hunt!”

I said, “Okay. Last time you seemed a little more enthusiastic and energetic than usual, and this time you definitely are. What’s going on?”

A while back, we introduced Rasha as a holy man who lived thousands of years ago in the lower Himalayas. It seems that although he was a previous incarnation of Billy, Danna’s brother, Billy had actually split off to go another direction. A couple months ago, I had a vision of Billy saying goodbye to Danna, saying that she doesn’t need him anymore and he had other places to go. I asked about that in channeling, and Billy confirmed that what I had seen had actually occurred, but then I didn’t get any more info on it. Anyway, that’s all background to help you understand Rasha’s response: “Billy has moved on and is preparing to get reborn.”

Rasha reassured me that he wasn’t ever going to be reborn into a place where we couldn't continue to contact him. Then, we went into the other issues like Danna’s changing life contract.

About a month ago, she was diagnosed with a large malignant, inoperable brain tumor. The surgeon who did the biopsy originally gave her three months to two years. However, instantly some strange things started happening.

My daughter made a call about Danna to my son in NC, while she was in Missoula. The strange thing is tho that the phone she made that call from was with Danna and me -- 4+ hours away from where my daughter was at the time of the call.

Noel doesn’t remember making that call. Still, my son’s answering machine recorded it and he could hear me talking in the background. The whole thing was very siginificant but totally impossible to explain in normal 3D reality terms! Still, we have proof of this strangeness since the answering machine recorded it and showed where it came from.

However, that was just one of the strange occurances around Danna's new health issue. When Rasha was trying to convince me to meditate more, he used Danna’s first doctor as an example. He said, “Dr James prays everyday before going to work. That’s why he knew what to check out when Danna came in.”

When I told Danna this, she told me that Dr James had told her he had tried to call her before she came in. He tried to call our house and her daughter’s house, and didn’t get an answer either place. However, that's also really strange because both of us were home at the time. Also, her daughter has an answering machine, and we had voice mail at the time that was always on when we didn't pick up the phone.

Danna did go in the next day though, so the doctor ran the CAT scan and immediately begin treatment. However, it seems that he didn’t get through when he called because she needed to go through the experience just the way it happened in order (as Rasha put it), “to prepare her for her new life and for the new world. Danna has a new contract with life now.” Right after Rasha said that, he smiled and told me about all the guides and loved ones who were cheering and agreeing with him.

Rasha brought up the “New World,” calling it a “new dimension” at least once, reinforcing my hope for a permanent way out of some really irritating 3D issues. However, he also spoke directly about our challenges enough to make the point that we’re not going to be able to just sit down and wait for the new world to save us from life.

It is coming! Still, we need to make that new world come! We need to push on, even when it’s no fun any more -- in order to help the birth of faith and love in this world. Then, we’ll all enjoy a peace beyond our wildest hopes and other renewing rewards we all need so badly.

I guess that’s enough on that, but a BIG Thank you to all those who’ve sent prayers of support! Danna’s decision to stick around has been a direct result of her new realization of the love you’ve helped show her.

The Gift of New Sight

That’s actually the title of a Chapter in my book “Looking, Seeing & Knowing,” but today I’m using it to refer to hard evidence on exactly how our bodies are adapting to accommodate this new sight – which is making our shift to the new world possible.

I recently came across an article describing how crystals are forming on our pineal glands. Science calls this Biomineralization, and they think it’s a problem. Here are a few links to articles on that:
The bottom line on this development tho is that it’s not the problem science thinks it to be. “The crystals found on our pineal glands lately were first planted in our ethereal bodies as seed possibilities when our Mother Earth first asked to be let out of her 3D existence during the 1950s.”

The more the crystals grow, the more multidimensional our experience of life becomes. Telecommunication becomes easier and more reliable for instance. Also, the more we choose to use these new abilities, the more that builds up the crystal that allows us to see more clearly and know more for certain than we ever have before -- just in time for our new beginning after 2012!

Hunt Henion
author of Looking, Seeing & Knowing

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Intention - the New Gravity

I went to a conference this last weekend, and I found one speaker especially interesting. Wayne Peterson is the author of Extraordinary Times, Extraordinary Beings: Experiences of an American Diplomat with Maitreya and the Masters of Wisdom. However, last weekend he was discussing the seven rays that define a person’s basic approach to life. In the process of that discussion, he slipped in a little info about our world’s cycles.

He said we’ve just completed a 500 year cycle, and a 5000 year. Yet what was most interesting to me is that he said that we’re two years into the seven year transition to our new beginning. That puts this new beginning in 2014 instead of 2012, which is what we’ve been saying all along, so I went up to talk to him afterwards. I quickly discovered that our visions were identical. He spoke briefly about the economic destruction in the West and the physical catastrophes in the East that he saw coming. He made a bunch of other generalities that I don’t even recall anymore.

I wasn’t prepared for him to be so open so completely about exactly what he saw in way of total destruction before the new beginning. What he said sounded analogous to an announcement to move slowly and calmly to the exits. “Don’t push and don’t panic.”

I wished I could have taken notes. Still, it seemed obvious that the info he quickly flew through was for confimation of our common vision and not for passing on to the general public. Discussions of destruction tend to be mind-numbing; and what we need now are as many functioning minds as possible.

So, I’m not going to go into the negative side of what we see either right now. Let’s just jump to the bottom line of the Big Picture: Now is the time to clean up our lives. There’s no need to do the anguishing, soul searching where you beat yourself up for not knowing your life’s purpose. A lot of enlightened people seem to go there instead of taking a more constructive direction.

Bottom line again: Maybe it’s time to do what you love and try to love everything you do. Focus on your love for others and go out of your way for them. Sometimes, that just means remaining silent and refocusing our thoughts on the highest good of all concerned.

Since the old cycles are already complete, the natural order is that the time to explore how many ways we can do things wrong has past. That 500 year and 5000 year cycle has been a good learning experience, but it’s time to move on! It’s time to prepare for the new beginning by filling ourselves with love, peace and concern for the greater good.

Still, time isn’t the issue, and making it one takes us in the wrong direction. Intention is the ONLY issue anymore. So, we’re supposed to try to do what’s right without don’t worry about getting it wrong. Learning about the power of Intention is the new reality we’re all moving into. It’s the new law of gravity!

If that sounds too illusive, and you want to know exactly what you’re supposed to do, here it is: We’re all supposed to do exactly what we have been doing, but with more love and trust.

Hunt Henion