Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Magic versus Mysticism

As we look for ways to expand our awareness of how things work these days; positive thinking, the law of attraction, and similar “mind over matter” concepts are being sold as the new Messiah. Motivational gurus make some good points about human potential. However, it seems to me there are some wrinkles in this new religion.

My parents visited from out of town the other day, and they tried to teach me how to play cribbage while they were here. My mom was explaining the strategy and told me once that we wanted to draw a 5. So, I cut the deck and got a 5. It did help us, but it helped my son and father even more, so we lost that hand. Next, Mom told me we were hoping for a 6, so I cut and we got a 6. Same thing – we got a couple points but our opponents got even more, so we lost again. This little game reminded me why I stopped following conventional guidance many years ago.

Lately, the current wisdom that most of us hear says “Take control of your life. Manifest what you want to happen!”

Sometimes, people ask “Does it work?”

Yes! Of course it works!

The question we should be asking is “Is it in our best interest to work that magic?”

Like those hands of cribbage I lost when I made things happen that I thought I wanted, it’s incredibly easy to force the wrong situations into our lives. During these times of change (i.e. destruction, and the threat of destruction, of just about everything in our lives) pulling a rabbit out of a hat could be really handy! Still, it’s really important to learn to rely on the only thing that is really reliable, and destroy all of our other illusions before they try to destroy us.

Learning to harmonize rather than using all the forces at our disposal to force our own way is the difference between mysticism and magic. Magic make things happen that we want to happen. Mysticism puts our desires and energy in action but leaves us detached from the results, placing our faith instead on the intelligence of the universe.

Those who are religious might want to remember Commandment #1. Reliance on the wisdom of our own ego instead of on our supreme source is a violation of that commandment. The rest of us pragmatic types probably just need to realize that whenever we try to take complete control of a situation, we’re on thin ice. We need to take responsibility for our lives, but that’s entirely different from taking control away from the intelligent, mystical force around us.

Hunt Henion


Monday, September 7, 2009

Intentions: The Building Blocks of a New World

After asking Rasha personal questions for ourselves and others in a channeled session, I mentioned that a lot of us are having some serious challenges with health, finances, and just about every aspect of our lives. This is what he had to say:

"Everybody’s adjusting to the energies. You’re having growing pains. Know that everything is happening for a reason.

In these times of turbulence, don’t take yourself so seriously! These things do pass. Take time out for yourself. Take a walk and do other things to relax and you’ll wear through this better.

I do see chaos, but there is calm after that. It’s going to be wonderful! People are going to come together in a way they haven’t in a long time. People will come together and stay together."

At one point, after I asked about the particulars of the “chaos” and the “wonderful calm after that,” Rasha responded, “You think too much.”

That comment sparked the memory of a vision I have a few days ago. I was stressed and sat down to do a contemplation – in order to get myself together so I could be more productive. During my little time out, I saw a circle spiraling inward. My guide said, “Productivity is like that.”

I knew instantly that I had to find my center and forget everything else. No matter what happens, there’s always a profound calm deep at our core. Some call this the “seat of soul” or the “heart of our heart.” Still, whatever you call it, when enough people start going there regularly enough to quiet their own personal chaos, the social chaos that most of us get caught up in, at least occasionally, will also have to quietly give way to a new and better order.

This awareness of an underlying stability within, despite the outer chaos, is the building block out of which our new world is being constructed. As more of these blocks are built, more and more people are talking about how to add to this wonderous construction. A sort of spiritual conspiracy is percolating within all established orders as each of us answers the call of soul to do what we can, each in our own way.

As this energy builds, more people, in all walks of life, are holding more strongly all the time to a positive intention, regardless of what they can or can’t actually do about what’s wrong with the world. Just watching people hold to the vision in their hearts and seeing how it feeds the global intention for a better world gives me faith to hold to my vision! This buzz is snowballing now and people all over the world are waking up and putting energy into the prophesized new beginning after 2012.

What we actually do about our intention doesn’t really matter nearly as much as most think. What matters is that we continue to feed that intention with energy by doing SOMETHING. This brings the power down to Earth, and in one unseen way after another puts all of our personal visions, each of our own individual building blocks for the new world, in place.

So don’t be like me and think too much. Seeing things in a spiritual light corrects our thinking and is slowly transforming everyone and everything around us, lending understanding and peace to more situations all the time. So, trust the power of your intentions and keep on doing whatever seems like the right thing – regardless of your initial realistic hopes for success, because all those unrealistic hopes are going to be rewarded in a greater way than anyone can even imagine today!

Many Blessings!

Hunt Henion


Sunday, September 6, 2009

Discovering Life's Purpose

Looking everywhere for the purpose of life is like pushing on a door that actually opens inward in a very natural way. You can push forever and never open a door that opens inwardly! It’s really sad that many very enlightened people push so hard and finally end up only with glowing generalities about their life's purpose, which often don’t have any particular personal applications.

No spiritual guru, besides the one that resides within, can tell us our soul’s intention. However, the good news is that since it’s between us and our higher selves, we aren’t just objective bystanders trying to discover something objective. In fact, when it comes to ourselves, there really is no “objective” reality!

After pondering Soul’s intention my entire life, what I came up with was that our desires and preferences are about as good an indication of what direction we’re supposed to go in as we can get. If you think about it, the desires we had when we planned our life contract are probably very similar to the ones we feel most strongly today. So, instead of spending so much effort searching for some hidden meaning, maybe we should quit fighting ourselves and just give into our hearts desire.

Still, what about our higher purpose? This is where people get hung up. “I know what I want to do, but I want to know what I’m supposed to do?” I felt that way my entire life until a prelife channeled experience revealed what my higher self wanted for me for this lifetime. It was simple. My higher purpose is to help anchor the rising energy of the earth and those on it, so we can all get through this transition (which lasts from about the time I was born until about 5-6 years from now) as easily as possible.

When I asked how I could do that, the answer was basically to stay happy. When I’m happy, my energy is up and I’m fulfilling my higher purpose. How do I keep my energy up? That's the interesting part -- by trusting my deepest inclinations and doing what I want to do. Doing waht i want to do fulfills my personal purposes and staying in a positive, energetic frame of mind fulfills my higher purpose.

This isn’t a coincidence! Life isn’t the battle between good and evil that most of us were taught. Conflict is real. Still, the solution of killing all the bad guys is obviously an illusion. Learning to rise above dulaity is simply a matter of reconcillation and cooperation.

We all really need to find harmony within ourselves NOW and do our part to help create it within our society every day from now on if we hope manifest the new world we all want. We all know that the ancient Mayans forecasted that this new beginning would start after 2012. However, what many don’t know is that they also described how it would take place.

It’s not just a matter of astronomical alignments. They described this current cycle as a time when communication within ourselves and between all of us would become much better. They knew how this new level of honesty and communication would build the foundation for our new world.

Yet, even though this new foundation is part of our forseeable, natural human cycle, foundations don’t just lay themselves. We all need to learn to listen to our hearts and trust our divine desires.

Once you really accept that you are the originator of your purpose, you stop looking outside yourself for that answer. I’m probably a little lazier now than I used to be, but I think that’s part of the plan too. As we run out of energy to search the world for purpose, we discover that our answers are (as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz put it) “…in our backyard,” and “There’s no place like home!”

Hunt Henion