Thursday, January 28, 2010

Creating a Bubble of Bliss

According to Venezuelan President, Hugo Chavez, the Haitian Earthquake was caused by a HAARP Weapon. Video Here.

Here are two websites that support that possibility:

If it’s true that this was a man-made disaster, the goal could be the eventual takeover of Iran, (as the video report speculates), or it could be part of a program to spread fear and anger to put a cap on the peak, consciousness-expanding experience of the upcoming Olympics (just as the May 13, 2008 China quake was before the Beijing Olympics).

Either way, or even if this particular tragedy wasn’t man-made, the question now is still how do we react to this, or any of the other things, that seem to be going so wrong in the world today.

Regarding Haiti, Saint Germain has this suggestion:

"I ask for everyone to send the Violet Flame to Haiti -- NOW! Send the Violet Flame every day, as many times a day as you can. … Ask the Violet Flame to transmute all pain, suffering, fear, and other negatives into HOPE, LOVE, MIRACLES and BLESSINGS for all of Haiti. Please remember the animals, too.” ~ Taken from Here

Another useful visualization is to picture yourself in a protective bubble of love.
The picture above is actually of a happy little entity known as an Orb. It also has other happy little entities inside it -- some more orbes and a remote healer by the name of Molly Parkes.

Love protects us all. We fortify that bubble of bliss from the inside. And knowing we’re watched over and protected, fortifies it from the outside - as the ascended masters, helpful entities, and forces of the universe happily cooperate to reinforce our vision.

Realize that no one can put a cap on the rising consciousness of the world. It’s like we are all in little bubbles at the bottom of the ocean. We simply have to rise! And as we rise to the surface, our bubbles of bliss grow.

Blessings and hugs always,


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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Renewal of Earth and Human

The Earth’s molten core is heating up, as it does every time at the midpoint around the Precession of the Equinox. This causes quite a few changes before things find a new balance. The recent quake in Hattie is an example. Also, The Earth‘s Magnetic North Pole is marching toward Siberia at a rate of 37 miles per year. And volcanoes are becoming more active.

I posted a blog a couple months ago that mentioned that we’re going to have a serious concern with volcanic activity before too long. It was in the context of how we’ll avert catastrophe, and surprisingly, no one had any problem with that part. Still, I received several questions like “Are you sure…” about the volcanic eruption danger.

The chart above was constructed from information posted by the Smithsonian Institute:

This clearly shows that volcanic activity is picking up.

Fear is almost always the first reaction once we’re hit with surprising realities.

Denial and anger are natural reactions too, but when it comes time to deal with new circumstances, there are a couple basic approaches: YOu can react from fear or anger, which are both scientifically proven to reduce our higher mental functions; or from an attitude of acceptance.

As this year begins, we all need to examine our attitudes and perhaps renegotiate our approach to life somewhat. Mind always wants to take control, but one of our big tests these days is to find a better way.

Opportunities will be presenting themselves more and more over the next few years. Challenges such as employment, social situations, people going crazy around us…
These are all opportunities to move toward dealing with things more from the heart than from our heads.

That’s where our connection is - with those around us, with the Earth, and with all of life - despite the conflicts we might have on other levels. We connect at the heart, and learning to rest in that realization is key to the realization of our unity and our renewal.

I guess I’m using the word “renewal” a lot lately, because I’m putting together a book on 2012 I simply titled, “The Renewal.” I won’t plug that yet, but I do want to start making the point that our renewal is in full swing right now.

Mother Earth is purifying. We can see that in volcanoes, earthquakes, magnetic slippage, etc. However, that’s just part of a bigger system presenting us with an amazing opportunity for purification, renewal and transformation.

Think of yourself as emerging from a cocoon. It may be painful, but ready or not, it’s time to learn to fly.

Life is good. Have faith.

Blessings and hugs,


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