Thursday, January 28, 2010

Creating a Bubble of Bliss

According to Venezuelan President, Hugo Chavez, the Haitian Earthquake was caused by a HAARP Weapon. Video Here.

Here are two websites that support that possibility:

If it’s true that this was a man-made disaster, the goal could be the eventual takeover of Iran, (as the video report speculates), or it could be part of a program to spread fear and anger to put a cap on the peak, consciousness-expanding experience of the upcoming Olympics (just as the May 13, 2008 China quake was before the Beijing Olympics).

Either way, or even if this particular tragedy wasn’t man-made, the question now is still how do we react to this, or any of the other things, that seem to be going so wrong in the world today.

Regarding Haiti, Saint Germain has this suggestion:

"I ask for everyone to send the Violet Flame to Haiti -- NOW! Send the Violet Flame every day, as many times a day as you can. … Ask the Violet Flame to transmute all pain, suffering, fear, and other negatives into HOPE, LOVE, MIRACLES and BLESSINGS for all of Haiti. Please remember the animals, too.” ~ Taken from Here

Another useful visualization is to picture yourself in a protective bubble of love.
The picture above is actually of a happy little entity known as an Orb. It also has other happy little entities inside it -- some more orbes and a remote healer by the name of Molly Parkes.

Love protects us all. We fortify that bubble of bliss from the inside. And knowing we’re watched over and protected, fortifies it from the outside - as the ascended masters, helpful entities, and forces of the universe happily cooperate to reinforce our vision.

Realize that no one can put a cap on the rising consciousness of the world. It’s like we are all in little bubbles at the bottom of the ocean. We simply have to rise! And as we rise to the surface, our bubbles of bliss grow.

Blessings and hugs always,


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