Monday, May 10, 2010

The Rapture & Schrödinger's cat

I got a call yesterday that my daughter had a headache, and that I had to come and get her from school. When I picked her up she explained, “You know how you hear voices in your head sometimes?”

“Yeah,” seemed like the right reply.

“Well, today they were screaming, and it gave me a headache.”

I just chalked that one up to a long list of strange, inexplicable happenings that just seems to keep growing faster all the time. However, before I explain what I think is happening, let’s look at the theories and research of a others.

Schrodinger’s cat is a thought experiment that suggests that two outcomes (alive or dead) are both equally valid eventualities of an experiment affecting Schrodinger’s cat. Since both outcomes are equally valid, the conclusion is that the result we observe is only one of the outcomes, and that the other one must therefore have manifested in an alternate reality.

Just intellectual nonsense? Maybe not.

“The decoherence approach to interpreting quantum theory … is currently considered a mainstream interpretation…”

In other words, the idea of parallel universes is perfectly acceptable in scientific circles these days. If parallel universes do actually exist, maybe the veil between the one we all know and another could be thinning – allowing voices and increasing amounts of other strangeness to come through.

If, like Schrödinger's cat at the beginning of the experiment, we have two futures ahead of us, that might be a good reason to carefully consider the choices we make as the next few years led us to what the ancient Mayans called the “end of time.”

Could they be referring to the end of time on our current track? Do they mean that humanity, or part of humanity, will cross over to the beginning of an alternative reality? Is that what “The Rapture” is really all about?

Today, science seems to be explaining religious prophecy rather than fighting with it. It seems like an event where some people appear to disappear, could be a simple matter of physics. Well, not quite so simple. However, if the unexplainable, yet observable, occurrences keep increasing the way they are, humans disappearing into thin air in a few years wouldn’t surprise me a bit.

For more on observable miracles and 2012 projections, pick up a copy of my book, Looking, Seeing & Knowing.

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  1. Perhaps you should read Schrödinger's papers first.

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